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  • It was the tightest monopoly in the world.
  • This was the tightest place I had ever been in.
  • The Baron screwed up into the tightest of grimaces.
  • But truly this was the tightest place I ever was in.
  • No, I shall hold him tightest by leaving him his liberty.
  • I'm shut up in the tightest of the boxes," said Gregory.

How To Use Tightest In A Sentence?

  • Mr. Hurd was in evening dress, with the neatest of patent boots and the tightest of white gloves.
  • He never despaired in the tightest corner, and never rested while a single expedient remained untried.
  • The doctor was far too busy to care, since before daylight failed he found himself face to face with the tightest corner of his life.
  • Good arrived for dinner, the latter arrayed in the tightest and most ornamental dress-suit I ever saw.
  • This hadn't been the first nor the tightest corner he'd been in during the dangerous course of his wanderyear; and in that hard school of life you learned not to worry about danger already past.

Definition of Tightest

superlative form of tight: most tight
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