Tilts In A Sentence

Definition of Tilts

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of tilt | plural of tilt

How To Use Tilts In A Sentence?

  • The foot in its movement forward tilts the nail up, and almost simultaneously puts weight upon it.
  • She tilts the shoulder nearest to him, and peeps at him over it, with a half-merry little air.
  • The little tilts were covered to the roof, and only a hole in the white mass showed where the door was.
  • And, as he tilts upon the rocking tide, Catches the glistening fish that flash and glide Innumerably through the waters wide.
  • The sun now described a daily narrowing arc in the heavens, and the hours of light were so few that the hunters found it difficult to cover the distance between their tilts in the little while from dawn to dark.
  • He had no means of measuring or of valuing that kind of woman, the restless brilliant type that lives upon its emotions and tilts at the problems of its sex with a curious comfort in the joust.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tilts | Tilts Sentence

  • Tita tilts her chin airily.
  • The flooring tilts and wobbles as you step.
  • Till our own day the white tilts could be seen slowly travelling westward.
  • Also another of the innumerable tilts between him and his old friend, Death.

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