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  • Take time by the forelock.
  • Catherine stood for some time by the table.
  • Always take time by the fetlock.
  • It will not be the first time by ten.
  • Pollen and honey both secured at the same time by bees.
  • We must take time by the forelock.
  • He found time by never wasting it.
  • He saved time by going directly.
  • We should count time by heart-throbs.
  • It will be put right at the right time by them.
  • It is always prudent to take time by the forelock.
  • He is held steady during this time by a great purpose.
  • The world at large measures time by epochs and eras.
  • Again the giggle, followed this time by a flush!
  • Some of them stamped the skins, and kept time by singing.
  • Again the wail, followed this time by a series of growls.
  • Hence we are warned to take Time by the forelock.
  • They must not, however, lose time by arguing the point.
  • I know that Jenkins always divides time by 20.
  • But Maggie sat for a long time by her open window.
  • Another advance in the conversation, this time by Mr. Fox.
  • Christmas in war time, by Clemence Dane, pseud.
  • He'll show the time by his watch.
  • I can stop this nonsense at any time by telling her who her lover was.
  • And for the last time by me have your lips been moistened with water.
  • Jonah himself was knocked over a second time by a spent shell.
  • She had subsisted for some time by the sale of her trinkets and clothes.
  • The policeman seemed to be troubled all the time by mosquitoes.
  • The sailor can measure the distance at any time by his sextant.
  • It was a shame to keep her waiting all that time by herself in the study.
  • There was no time by day or night that he could call his own.
  • He says we're only wasting time by waiting.
  • Teach one vowel at a time by combining with the known consonants.
  • The sash could be taken out at any time by removing these nails.
  • Wouldn't be the first time by many a hundred.
  • A blank indorsement may be filled up at any time by the holder.
  • In her fright she hoped to gain time by pretending to be friendly with him.
  • Here we were held up for a short time by fire from a spur to our right.
  • It will not be the last time by many a one that we shall have to make believe.

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  • Strengthened for a time by our coffee and rolls we wandered through these winding streets.
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