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  • Then pay for your bread Three times higher than ever, And sell all your cattle!
  • Right ahead, in the middle of the bay, towered a gigantic statue, many times higher than the masts of our ship.
  • A few steps brought me nearer, and a shudder of unutterable horror ran through me when I saw a circle of gigantic forms, many times higher than myself, upstanding grim and grey through the veil of cloud before me.
  • When the comet of 1813 swept round the sun in this way, it was so near to the shining surface of the solar orb, that it must have been rushing for the time through a temperature forty-seven thousand times higher than any which the torrid region of the earth ever feels.
  • The great comet of 1680 came in this way from a region of space where the sun looked but half as wide as the planet Mars in the sky, and where the solar heat was imperceptible, the surrounding temperature being 612 degrees colder than freezing water, into another in which the sun filled up 140 times greater width of the sky than it does with us, and where the heat was some hundred times higher than the temperature of boiling water.
  • It never went at all, as I found out, going down to Cuba--and yes, it did come back; but it was a thousand times higher and better love than it had ever been, for everything came back and I was a better man.
  • From which it follows that the lunar mountains are _proportionately_ about three times higher than those on the earth.
  • "It would be better," so they say, "to see certain artisans receiving a wage two or three times higher than common labourers, than to see a minister receiving in a day what a workman cannot earn in a year.
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