Timid In A Sentence

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  • They were less timid after that.
  • He was as timid as a foal.
  • Beside the timid hare.
  • I queried in a timid voice.
  • She was timid of joining in their gaieties.
  • How timid she had grown of late!
  • They were very timid and ran away.
  • Iron is one of the most timid of metals.
  • Madrid was timid as a sick girl.
  • No timid clerk can go.
  • Her expression is timid and apprehensive.
  • More timid in a crowd so gay.
  • All timid people are like that.
  • A few of the timid and vacillating refused to do so.
  • Couillard was rather timid and nervous.
  • She is naturally very timid and strange.
  • Women do not like timid men.
  • The timid knock was repeated.
  • It was evident that she was still timid of the truth.
  • Some timid persons distrusted their intentions.
  • Garrick candidly confessed himself timid about the matter.
  • I do not wish to alarm the timid traveller.
  • What if hounds run down the timid hare?
  • Instinctively she put out a timid hand and touched him.
  • At the window came a timid scratching.
  • She threw a timid questioning glance at me.
  • The appearance was to perplexed and timid women.
  • Just after dinner there was a timid knock at the door.
  • Presently a timid knock was heard at the door.
  • The timid were already growing frightened.
  • All the professions are timid and expectant agencies.
  • Her feeling was one of timid joy.
  • The princess was not so timid a person as he had thought.
  • By wild words of a timid maid?
  • As though upon some timid child.

How To Use Timid In A Sentence?

  • Poor timid faithless little thing.
  • He was always shy and timid with strangers.
  • And so is all life a timid and unskilful spectator.
  • The most timid people make the trips with enjoyment.
  • We make it so, because we are timid and indolent.

Definition of Timid

Lacking in courage or confidence.
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