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  • In their dress there was just that tinge of pretension which betrayed carefully hidden penury.
  • There is a tinge of self-consciousness about this, which I am most anxious for you to avoid.
  • There was gratitude in her voice, and yet, oddly enough, still a tinge of reproach.
  • Blackie plainly hesitated; a tinge of red warmed his swarthy cheek; his eyes glittered evilly....
  • There was a tinge of reproach in the plea she forced herself to make for her babies' sake.
  • Time and exposure have given a dark tinge to the paper which was a pure white when the experiment was ended.
  • It is claimed that a tinge of color sometimes passes over a generation and appears more markedly in the next.
  • It was full of a gentle and uncomplaining melancholy, yet that day there was a tinge of hope in it.
  • He swallowed the sherry without further resistance, and a tinge of colour began to return to his face.
  • Westenra looked pale in the starlight; there seemed almost to be in his skin a tinge of the colour she mentioned.
  • A little surge of sick horror brought its tinge of vertigo and left her clear thoughted and afraid.
  • The accident of a slight tinge of color had hardly risen even to the dignity of a joke in the freedom of the settlement and the forest.
  • His animated face seemed aglow with the pleasure of contemplation, and the sunshine lent a yellow tinge to his snowy hair.
  • Caleb clung so tightly to his arm that it brought a tinge of color to Steve's cheeks.
  • It gives a rich tinge to all objects, even to those of sombre lines, yet without changing the lines.
  • The general color of this group of birds is very light ash beneath, becoming darker above, with a tinge of green.
  • Pure water is an odorless and tasteless liquid, colorless in thin layers, but having a bluish tinge when observed through a considerable thickness.
  • A faint tinge of color came to the clear olive of Anastacio's cheek as he rose.
  • I see him hopping along lengthwise of the limbs, and note the orange tinge of his breast and sides and the white circle around his eye.
  • Her black eyes were still striking, and the sunlight revealed a quantity of coarse black hair on which he detected the claret tinge of fading dye.
  • To tinge thy hair with thy blood is greater in My sight than the creation of the universe and the light of both worlds.
  • Its waters, though sweet, were turbid, and had a taste of vegetable decay, as well as a slight tinge of green.
  • The smoke of three hundred factories, large and small, tinge her atmosphere with the hues of Pittsburg.
  • Ceaseless are locusts; heavy is the air above the garden, where phlox and strawberry shrub tinge it Persian-sweet.
  • It is almost as bright as its leader, Regulus, and you will probably be able to catch a tinge of blue in its rays.
  • One saw that gentlemen lived here, men who, without daintiness or a tinge of the sybarite, yet liked a certain order and fitness around them.
  • He had been among us nearly two months, and had become a general favorite, before it was discovered that he had a tinge of African blood.
  • He thus addressed, paused, turned, and eyed somewhat doubtfully, not without a tinge of apprehension, the group of boys who thus hailed him.
  • This wariness notwithstanding a tinge of unaccustomed rose had spread through the clear white of her cheek; her eyes had in them noticeably more life.
  • Its blue tinge was doubtless in some degree heightened by the distance whence it was first descried, as well as by the deep azure of the skies after the late storm.
  • It may be remembered, too, that there was in the very tenderness of her contemplation of the priest in her path an imperious tinge born of the way men had so invariably melted there.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tinge | Tinge Sentence

  • Was there the slightest tinge of irony in her voice?
  • A faint tinge of colour stole into her cheeks.
  • To tinge thy hair with thy blood...
  • Six years had eradicated every tinge of animosity for that shove on the sand.
  • A back eddy sent a faint tinge of chlorine over the prostrate trio.
  • A flush rose to tinge his cheek, but it sank as soon as it appeared.
  • If Hilda felt any tinge of amusement she kept it out of her face.
  • Could Miss Maggie be showing at last a tinge of envy and jealousy?
  • Again the tinge of something not quite pleasant in Miss Maggie's voice.

Definition of Tinge

(transitive) To add a small amount of colour; to tint; (by extension) to add a small amount of some other thing. | (transitive, figuratively) To affect or alter slightly, particularly due to the actual or metaphorical influence of some element or thing. | (intransitive) To change slightly in shade due to the addition of colour; (by extension) to change slightly in quality due to the addition of some other thing.
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