Tingling In A Sentence

Definition of Tingling

present participle of tingle | A tingling sensation; pins and needles.

How To Use Tingling In A Sentence?

  • I was a mass of tingling pins and needles because she had grabbed me just above the elbow.
  • She was glowing and tingling with emotion and life and feeling in every nerve and vein.
  • The whole green and blue world seemed tingling with toy noises, made suddenly big.
  • The Forest Monster felt a slight tingling sensation in his heart, but nothing else happened.
  • When the order came, "At four hundred yards, rapid fire," everybody was tingling with excitement.
  • She was tingling from head to foot with almost as many emotions as there are ganglia in the nervous system.
  • She hurried through the work, her fingers tingling to open each copy of the newspaper as she laid it in its place.
  • He was one of those people who live up to their emotional incomes, who are always taut and tingling with vanity.
  • When his pulses were surging and tingling with the discomfort of her gaze, he heard the door shut sharply.
  • I cautiously applied it to the tip of my tongue and was immediately aware of a peculiar tingling sensation accompanied by a feeling of numbness.
  • He skated on and on, keen exhilarating pleasure in his tingling blood, and weariness all forgotten.
  • Beside him his nephew, tingling with excitement, felt unbounded admiration for this strange uncle of his.
  • Feeling a slight nausea the second time he waited several minutes, and a tingling sensation succeeded the nausea.
  • Isabel had thrown off her shawl and hat, and was standing on the other side of the stove; she was tingling with cold and youthful spirits.
  • The wooing has been mainly done in full dress, at balls and operas, or in hours tingling with the expectancy of such conditions.
  • The music set his nerves tingling and the dancers beckoned him on, yet he was bound to his chair, with no relief in view.
  • At that Greeba felt a tingling on both sides her heart, for her fears were many of the welcome that awaited them.
  • With that which Haidee had told her still tingling in her mind she could not pretend to misunderstand, but she tried to be fair.
  • Adown the glen they came one moonless night, Goaded by tingling sneer of white-hair'd sire.
  • It was not the least a melancholy feeling with which I stretched myself, all tingling with my rapid ablutions, beneath my home-blanket.
  • One by one the inhabitants slept, all but Annie, who lay with every nerve tingling and her sense of waiting preternaturally acute.
  • It required no fife and drum corps, no Fourth of July procession, to set me tingling with patriotism.
  • When her disc silvered the inner rim of the slope I had descended, I returned to my post of observation with tingling nerves.
  • She felt a life to which she had been hitherto a stranger tingling through every vein and nerve of her young body, through every emotion of her young soul.
  • Here we would play by the hour, with tingling fingers and stiffening knees, and an intentness, zest, and excitement that I shall never forget.
  • And as with anxious pull we neared the end of the tightening cord, who shall describe that tingling sense of joy at the first glimpse of the gaping pickerel?
  • Before he could guard himself his cheeks were tingling under two resounding smacks, his cap was knocked into the scruppers and his lank hair was in the clutch of lithe fingers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tingling | Tingling Sentence

  • It was stirring and tingling with life again.
  • There was something down underneath tingling and glowing.
  • Ralph felt the blood tingling to his finger-tips.
  • Ah, tingling shame and poignant pain!
  • He went on his way, tingling with just triumph.
  • And the horse, tingling with blows, galloped off.
  • There was a strange tingling emotion in everything connected with him.
  • The word seemed to bring joy and tingling life to his half-numbed heart.
  • She had a tingling consciousness that she was to meet Lawson at dinner.
  • Mabel exclaimed, tingling upon the piano-stool, and laughing merrily.
  • The sight sent the blood tingling through Bob's veins.
  • I thought so," said Gilbert, tingling with excitement.
  • His nerves were tingling with the thought of the night's work ahead.

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