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  • Soon not the tiniest gem was left on the table.
  • But it might have been hanging on the tiniest atom of a fractional difference.
  • One tiniest miscalculation and hundreds of us pay the price.
  • You would suppose that the tiniest particle must be sufficient.
  • High in the air these lookouts could spot the tiniest change in the map.
  • But the very tiniest feather on this Sparrow is built up in the same way.
  • Try as I might the tiniest flicker of a grin tickled my lips.
  • Why, my poor sir, the tiniest effort would have been enough, believe me!
  • On the contrary, he was the tiniest frog that Mrs. Ladybug had ever seen.

How To Use Tiniest In A Sentence?

  • Upon them he could weigh any amount, from the tiniest grain to pounds upon pounds.
  • The tiniest bit of semantic grit may still bring the mightiest computer tumbling down.
  • There is not a quail, not a blackbird, not the smallest rabbit nor even the tiniest wheatear.
  • She could draw the strongest bow, and strike the tiniest bird at a distance of a hundred paces.
  • The words came soberly, and the tiniest bit of a quiver twisted the lips of the protesting mouth.
  • Even the tiniest of forest fires is hot enough, and Charley found it trying work.
  • Then I dried in the sun, and had a match with my hands to see which could find the tiniest shell.
  • Thy teeth are tiniest pearls, I am a merchant on the sea Buying tiniest pearls of the sea.
  • That nourishes likewise The tiniest mouse And the mightiest army: The sweat of the peasant.
  • The tiniest feeling that we can possibly have comes with an earlier and a later part and with a sense of their continuous procession.
  • The other two had escaped; but how they squeezed beneath slats which allowed only the tiniest chicks to go through will ever be a mystery to me.
  • The tiniest defect in the mechanism of the inner ear may cost the airman his life, if he undertakes night flying.
  • For all things on this earth, from the tiniest flower to the tallest mountain, change and change all day long.
  • She was very small, rounded in her figure almost to stoutness, and possessed the tiniest and most beautiful hands and feet.
  • The tiniest babies were supported by the trunks of their mothers, on to whose backs older calves climbed and were thus carried across.
  • So, with splendid grit, each resolved not to fall so long as hand would hold or foot lodge on the tiniest projection.
  • The tiniest boat is not launched upon the sea without the protection of some living emblem or revered name, placed upon it by the mariners.
  • Necessity had located them, for nowhere else along the valley was there flat land upon which even the tiniest village could find a resting place.
  • The tiniest gust, blowing from one side or the other, was sufficient to cause it to lose its balance, and over it would topple sidewise.
  • I step out of the archway on to the Piazza, the prettiest and tiniest of squares, bordered with shops on two sides.
  • Who, then, can appropriate to himself the tiniest plot of ground, or the meanest building in such a city, without committing a flagrant injustice?
  • A burst of gun-fire, and not a helmet turned; the rat-tat-tat of a machine-gun, but no shining shoulder twinkled with the tiniest shrug.
  • He kept his eyes fixed on the Ganymedan, waiting hawk-like for one false move, for the tiniest wavering of attention.
  • Gortchky's step, now slower, went by the door, which Dave had left ajar by only the tiniest crack.
  • What if we were littering our electronic communication space with digital barbed wire and regulating the tiniest fragments of music as if they were stock certificates?
  • From Billy's back I could look down into the little cup, which seemed the tiniest in the world.
  • But Scholar Phelps could hardly make the accusation, nor could he supply the tiniest smidgin of direct evidence to me.
  • For you must know that soil society is as complex and specialized as that above ground and the tiniest bacterium would die rather than violate the union rules.
  • But he didn't move it the tiniest bit, which goes to show that Unc' Billy has great self-control when he wishes.
  • It makes particularly excellent casts, for when it is warm it is not sticky, but softens so perfectly that it will show the tiniest indentation of a mould.
  • From the extremity of the handlebars in front to the rim of its rear wheel, not the tiniest thing had been overlooked or left undone that could add to its perfection.

Definition of Tiniest

superlative form of tiny: most tiny
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