Tinker in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Tinker

1. The tinker was on thorns. 🔊

2. The tinker went his way. 🔊

3. Then the tinker blood came out. 🔊

4. Shows how the tinker brings up his donkeys! 🔊

5. The tinker never winked. 🔊

6. No tinker was ever yet astonished at anything. 🔊

7. It sticks unless someone else begins to tinker again. 🔊

8. Though they were at table, the tinker went into the room. 🔊

9. Characterize Tinker in your own words. 🔊

10. Mr. Tinker blushed and beamed. 🔊

11. Did you think that Tinker would come back? 🔊

12. Mr. Tinker was a joyous bachelor of forty-five. 🔊

13. So the tinker went to the king's castle. 🔊

14. But the tinker trudged off home with his pack and his new purchase. 🔊

15. As a half-blood gypsy tinker he must have been self-contained and pleasant. 🔊

How to use Tinker in Sentences?

1. Why, what do you suppose she said when they told me it would take weeks to tinker me up? 🔊

2. Warrender, having slipped on his overalls, kindled a lamp and went down to tinker with his engine. 🔊

3. But soon a tinker knife scratched my cheek, and a tinker bludgeon rattled sorely against my head. 🔊

4. Besides, I knew naught of the tinker trade, and should have been sorely out of place. 🔊

5. There came flitting in through the window with him his fairy, whose name was Tinker Bell. 🔊

6. However Jonathan Tinker had fallen in his esteem as a man, he had even risen as literature. 🔊