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How To Use Tinny In A Sentence?

  • Only far in the background there could be heard the tinny sound of hand-to-hand sword fighting.
  • In a booming, but tinny sounding voice, the guard spoke to the strangers and Empal.
  • It had an unusually tinny sound, due to fact that it made its way through the interstices of a closed visor.
  • A clanging cymbal in the energetic hands of a deck steward boomed at the doorway, withdrew and gave up its life in a far away, tinny clatter.
  • Scissors grinders have a bell, also, with a flat, tinny sound, like a cow that forever jerks its head with flies.
  • Just as Brook finished his thoughts to Lloyd, there was a tinny and hoarse voice come from behind the door.

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Definition of Tinny

Of or pertaining to or resembling tin. | Pertaining to the thinness and cheapness of tin or similar-looking metals, in contrast to a heavier, more valuable metal. | Pertaining to a thin, unpleasant sound recalling that of tin being rapped.
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