Tiptoed In A Sentence

Definition of Tiptoed

simple past tense and past participle of tiptoe

How To Use Tiptoed In A Sentence?

  • Recovering command of his muscles, he tiptoed his way back.
  • She stood in the doorway a minute; then tiptoed away.
  • Sally tiptoed after, hardly moved, but intensely curious.
  • Mrs. Stuvic tiptoed in her rage.
  • Mrs. Bailey tiptoed through the doorway.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tiptoed | Tiptoed Sentence

  • We tiptoed into that room.
  • Aristide tiptoed out of the room.
  • He tiptoed to the door.
  • Leslie tiptoed over to examine it.
  • She tiptoed out into the corridor again.
  • Molly rose and tiptoed to the door.
  • He tiptoed to the window and looked out.
  • Together they tiptoed to the other side of the hall.
  • Peter tiptoed away very softly.
  • Swiftly he tiptoed to the door of the cabin.
  • The squat man tiptoed to the window.
  • She nodded and tiptoed hurriedly out of the room.
  • Seeing what he did, he silently tiptoed out.
  • Martin tiptoed to the door and pressed his ear against it.
  • He ate it all, and tiptoed out.
  • Willa tiptoed to the door and peered within.
  • He tiptoed across the stone flags.
  • She rose and tiptoed out into the living-room.
  • Ann tiptoed out before her brother opened his lips.
  • They tiptoed to the closet and closed the door.
  • He tiptoed back to the window and glanced down.
  • She picked up a candle and tiptoed into the bedroom.
  • Then she tiptoed to the bedroom door and looked out.
  • She tiptoed to the bed and peeped through the curtains.
  • Hand in hand we tiptoed through the forest to our trap.
  • Bill pointed to the nearer and they tiptoed to the sill.
  • She tiptoed out and went in search of the valet.
  • The child tiptoed in with outstretched arms.
  • She tiptoed over and peered in through the half-open door.
  • Without the slightest noise he tiptoed along the corridor.
  • He tiptoed to the stairs and descended to the first floor.
  • They tiptoed to the outside door and softly opened it.
  • He tiptoed on the deep-pile rug right up to her desk.
  • She took the lamp from the table, and tiptoed out.
  • The poet mused for a moment, then tiptoed from the room.

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