Tiro In A Sentence

Definition of Tiro

A newly recruited soldier. | A novice without practical experience.

How To Use Tiro In A Sentence?

  • The part taken by Rowley in this play is easy for any tiro in criticism to verify.
  • In another letter he tells Tiro that he must revive his love of letters and learning.
  • The tiro in oarsmanship requires instruction from the outset; the sooner he is taught, the more likely is he to become proficient.
  • We do not for this reason say that every tiro should be put to take lessons of watermanship in sculling-boats and light pairs: far from it.
  • The illness of Tiro must have been an earlier one than that of which we shall hear much in B.C. 50-49.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tiro | Tiro Sentence

  • Um tiro atroou o terreiro!
  • Mi kameli chovihani, Avel ke tiro rye!
  • Mi kamli tani-rani Avell' ke tiro rye!

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