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  • Such is the miserable tissue of error and confusion which these projects present to view.
  • Patrons generally made use of a specially light tissue paper for their correspondence.
  • It is only a short time before collapse of the tissue takes place in all parts of the body.
  • The delicate tissue of the dress seemed to caress the somewhat narrow hips of a girlish figure.
  • The lovely garments were wrapped in rosy tissue paper, and tied with ribbons to match.
  • On arriving, each child was given a little peaked paper cap of bright colored tissue paper.
  • Meantime, McCloud stuck to the mine, and insensibly replaced his Eastern tissue with Western.
  • The effect of spiral ringing on solute translocation on the structure of the regenerated tissue of the apple.
  • At the distal end of the bone dense fibrous tissue is then differentiated and at the proximal end hyaline cartilage.
  • When this tissue breaks down, the changes which it undergoes are very similar to those which take place when the plant is burned.
  • He began to investigate the diseased tissue of animals, and was rewarded with the discovery of the germs from which the disease had come.
  • Cross-section of abnormal tissue is more entrancing than a rose-leaf, a cluster of bacilli more beautiful than a snowflake.
  • It had woven itself into the tissue of my brief unconsciousness, and was now recognised as, ineradicably, part of myself.
  • Each tissue is a structure formed by the aggregation, or by aggregation and metamorphoses, of certain sets of cells.
  • The sliver is not uniform; even now its fibers are not entirely parallel, and it is as weak as wet tissue paper.
  • Does not the tissue exist for the sweetness of the rose, the marble for the beauty of the stature, and the mechanism for the illusion of the play?
  • The housewife had taken advantage of this fact and from every corner gleamed lights dressed in fancy designs of tissue paper and silk.
  • The threads from which the tissue of history is being woven are ever in unceasing and rapid motion in the hands of the Fates.
  • It was also the difference between living tissue of glowing loveliness with a divine breath, and a hard hollow figure of baked clay.
  • Then she fastened two ropes of pink tissue paper, that opened out like a concertina, across the ceiling.
  • The gifts were wrapped in white tissue paper, tied with silver cord with a tiny shining bell inserted in the center of each knot.
  • He put the handkerchief away, and then from another pocket produced a second handkerchief, also wrapped in tissue paper.
  • The constant habit of breathing impurities, day after day and year after year, brings about a gradual change in the tissue of the lungs.
  • The proportions are finer than those of most of the Venetian churches, and the interior is one tissue of curious marbles and gold.
  • These fibres have, however, been made by cells, and a careful study of such tissue at proper places will show the cells within it.
  • The emperor himself knew Gregory too well to believe such a tissue of absurdity; but he hoped to find others more credulous than himself.
  • What is here expressed with so sublime a confidence by one actual martyr, must have made the tissue of Christian life in general.
  • Mrs. Pepper went to the lowest drawer in the high bureau, and took therefrom a small parcel done up in white tissue paper.
  • In the prosecution of this inquiry, we have appeared to ourselves to find, that this boasted scheme of necessity is neither more nor less than one grand tissue of sophisms.
  • Examination showed that although the weevil attacked the young buds these did not drop off, but that a special growth of tissue inside the bud frequently killed the grub.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Tissue | Tissue Sentence

  • They are of one tissue throughout.
  • She tore the tissue paper through.
  • A mere tissue of errors and follies.
  • The hauling-dogs day is a long tissue of trial.
  • Gossard, A. C. Rooting pecan stem tissue by layering.
  • Connective tissue 70 19.
  • It was of flimsy tissue paper and could be easily torn into shreds.
  • Various shaped wood cells from plant tissue 68 15.
  • They have more adipose tissue than the men, yet are never fat.
  • They were both in nice white tissue paper, tied up with pink ribbon.

Definition of Tissue

To form tissue of; to interweave. | Thin, woven, gauze-like fabric. | A fine transparent silk material, used for veils, etc.; specifically, cloth interwoven with gold or silver threads, or embossed with figures.
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