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Definition of Titanic

(inorganic chemistry) Of or relating to titanium, especially tetravalent titanium

How To Use Titanic In A Sentence?

  • It looks as though titanic architects and sculptors had been busy here for ages.
  • He roused himself to a Titanic effort against an oppression that was coming over him.
  • Words of Titanic formation were hurling in his head at journals and journalists.
  • A titanic flaming gas vent spouted like a cyclopean torch from the peak of a nearby mountain.
  • Seconds later a titanic explosion sounded through the cavern; echoed and re-echoed in vasty roars.
  • In this Titanic attempt the means were in open and direct contradiction to the end.
  • The submarine topography is, in fact, on a more Titanic scale than in any other known region.
  • And Dickens entered with dramatic clairvoyance into every secret of this Titanic mystery.
  • And with Titanic energy the French Republic defended itself against its foreign foes.
  • The Titanic efforts of Don Mateo were powerless to awake any enthusiasm about balls at the Lyceum.
  • The titanic struggles that have resulted have endangered the very lives of their people by starvation.
  • The afternoon was already deepening into evening, and the titanic shadows of the poplars lengthened over a third of the landscape.
  • The space covered by this titanic picnic was so vast that there were few spots from which you could hear music proceeding from different quarters.
  • There were those two things his brain registered before the titanic force of full power squeezed consciousness from it and left him helpless.
  • As titanic acid will not act in the same manner as silica, it can be easily distinguished by its bead not being perfectly pellucid.
  • To the presidents and management of the various railroads must go the chief share of credit for the successful accomplishment of this titanic task.
  • Whatever minor facts may now or again crop up in this titanic conflict, we must not shut our eyes to the rules of war.
  • It is just a natural bastion such as a titanic Vauban might have designed in primeval times.
  • If the titanic acid contains iron, the glass becomes on cooling of a brownish-yellow or red color.
  • The world ought to have known that in war Germany would reveal titanic powers of scientific organization.
  • If the tungstic acid contain iron, the glass becomes blood-red on cooling, similar to titanic acid.
  • It might have been a singing in his ears, but he fancies he was followed as he ran by a peal of Titanic laughter.
  • The twilight was coming fast in that far, lonely spot shaded by the close ranks of the Titanic forms.
  • Moreover, this opening was not above four feet in width, a mere split in the huge mountain mass caused by some titanic convulsion in past ages.
  • A city full five thousand feet high and crowned with countless spires and turrets, titanic arches, stupendous domes!
  • While hot fires were roaring in the great furnaces, smoke rose from the dusty beds where Titanic castings were cooling.
  • An idea of the Titanic task of feeding the refugees may be gained from the figures of the number of hungry people fed in one day.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Titanic | Titanic Sentence

  • Floe was piled on floe in titanic confusion.
  • With the utmost caution the titanic shape changed position.
  • There was something Titanic in his calmness.
  • Tide-rips and mountain waves opposed each other with titanic force.
  • He had dragged the prisoner out of his morass by sheer titanic effort.
  • He lay very still, watching the titanic struggle with ever growing wonder.
  • There are many remains which show that Titanic forces have been at work here.
  • Now at length, however, a Titanic obstacle had to be encountered.
  • He is a stern, titanic figure in the sixties, sallow-skinned, gray-haired.
  • It was an ardent, almost a titanic task, but in time I succeeded.
  • The war may possibly end in a titanic duel between England and Germany.
  • On July 31, after more titanic battles, they wrested Seringes from the foe.
  • There is something fiercely Titanic in a German's embrace of evil.

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