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  • They have often married into titled families.
  • And they would turn up their titled noses.
  • Two titled ladies had been the last guests of that mess.
  • The stalls are to be held by unmarried titled ladies.
  • I know every titled person in Europe, I think.
  • Are you not aware that each of these castles is inhabited by a titled brigand?
  • I have titled these pages with nothing more than my baptismal name.
  • Honorable poverty was treated with as much kindness as titled wealth.
  • He believed that honest peasants were superior to titled parasites.
  • A titled villain mocking the girl's pure love.
  • Part three is titled Eve and David and continues their story.
  • It was extracted from Mr. Giles' complete work as titled above.

How To Use Titled In A Sentence?

  • It was the kind of manner that he might have shown to a titled canvasser just before an election.
  • When we made camp my titled guest plied me with questions about buffaloes and how to kill them.
  • She still occasionally took small middle-aged titled parts in repertoire matinees.
  • All the other crowned heads of Christendom are titled nobodies beside these mighty potentates.
  • She knew people, and had actually put a number of her girls in the way of marrying titled foreigners.
  • A surfeit of money brings power, but it does not carry with it a recognized position among a titled aristocracy.
  • Paris was alive in those days with titled women whose antecedents were doubtful and about whose characters there could unluckily be no doubt.
  • Lady Mansergh was of an earlier generation of stage beauties than those who now so admirably play their titled parts.
  • I take every reel, and each scene is cut out separately and titled by means of a label fastened to the section by an elastic band.
  • More than one mysterious titled person of importance came to the city under an assumed name, and went away leaving no one the wiser.
  • We run over our list of titled purchases every now and then, in the newspapers, and discuss them and caress them, and are thankful and happy.
  • It consists of 148 pages, mostly given up to notices of the titled people who visited the old town long ago; but who cares about them?
  • Turn and turn about, titled imbecile had succeeded distinguished incapable at London in the task of humiliating and bullying us into subjection.
  • Old ladies and gentlemen of the high, titled world now begin by driving to my house almost every morning while I am at breakfast.
  • A novelette of artistic literary merit, narrating the varied experiences of an American girl in her effort toward capturing a titled husband.
  • Professor Giroud was a rather slender person; and from his wardrobe came the suit and other furnishings for the titled Hindu.
  • After posting it was discovered that there were several missing pages from the section titled "Mora Montravers".
  • Literary celebrities, titled people, and members of Parliament, competed for the small space of time that she could spare for society.
  • Such a class as the titled order of Great Britain, taking them collectively, never existed elsewhere.
  • I would rather know a cosmopolitan cowboy, such as Jim Airth, than half the titled folk on my visiting-list.
  • But after a little more time our titled stranger would begin to perceive that behind all this feminine sparkle and freshness, lurked a positive transport of humility.
  • The gratitude of the two titled members of the trio, and their earnest appreciation of the educational object of the long voyage, induce them to make themselves very useful on board.
  • In a few days, King Richard arrived from England with a gay and numerous retinue of titled ladies to attend his little bride.
  • We have not yet learned to wear its simple truths with the graceful ease and quiet air of unsolicitous assurance with which the titled European does his social fictions.
  • She, meantime, intent on filling her reception-rooms with celebrities and titled persons, was charmed to have collected so many distinguished men around her.
  • There wuz a group of titled people that had been pinted out to us, and their eyes wuz glued on them, and they seemed to be kinder followin' 'em round.

Definition of Titled

Bearing a title. | simple past tense and past participle of title
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