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  • How do you propose to alter that now?
  • It is too late to alter now.
  • But it is not too late to alter what has been done.
  • What has induced you to alter your mind?
  • I try to alter things for that.
  • Again she was observed to alter her course.
  • I have no power to alter the sentence.
  • I am sorry to alter my mind.
  • In that act there is not a word or a note to alter.
  • Was it to alter now with every mood to which he yielded?
  • This decided the captain to alter his course.
  • The second had no chance to alter its course.
  • I would give any thing to alter the circumstance.
  • If the picture was to alter, it was to alter.
  • Do not attempt to alter those long-suffering persons.
  • Had something happened to alter the plans of the spies?
  • To his casual acquaintances he did not seem to alter much.
  • Malone tried to alter his course, but it was too late.
  • Now we answer, that we never have attempted to alter it.
  • What can I do to alter it?
  • He liked to discuss, he did not like to alter, it.
  • She has no business to alter any of our Form arrangements.
  • I find very little that I should now wish to alter.
  • He still thinks I shall be persuaded to alter my plans.
  • In this new Edition I find little to alter and less to add.
  • I want to alter it.
  • But we're going to alter all that.
  • For some time the stranger did not appear to alter her position.
  • That point of view they are determined to alter in the male.
  • It will be very difficult to alter the mourning customs of our time.
  • And that somehow the war came to alter the look of that promise.
  • But it maddened him to realise his present helplessness to alter matters.
  • A feeling of anger at his impotence to alter this came upon him.
  • It would be very difficult to alter it for production at another theater.
  • Physically, it is difficult for the adult worker to alter his methods.

How To Use To Alter In A Sentence?

  • It seemed to him that it had never once occurred to her that it was in her power to alter this.
  • But what are we to do to alter the conditions that everybody is convinced are bad?
  • Innovations in facilities and techniques helped to alter the character of swimming.
  • Looking at the date of the will she knew he must have forgotten to alter it until too late.
  • They tried revolt because they wished to alter all the conditions under which men lived.
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