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  • No one seems to associate with him.
  • Too nice to associate with that grampus.
  • It is customary to associate it with other purgatives.
  • I had not a civilized soul with whom to associate.
  • You are fit to associate as an equal with anyone.
  • Their right to associate with other people is infringed.
  • Individual action is opposed to associate action.
  • Now is the time to associate together in love and harmony.
  • I will not allow you to associate with Ida.
  • Am I the first to associate with speculators?
  • We must in the first place, learn to associate with Christ.
  • Who was she to associate with a dog like William Thayer?
  • I have no more desire to associate with you than you have with me.
  • There were few boys in the village he cared to associate with now.
  • How solicitous should she be to associate with the purest men!
  • There was nobody for 'em to associate with.
  • The girls consider it an honor for themselves to associate with him.
  • By this we mean that they are naturally disposed to associate with each other.
  • And he feels too high and mighty to associate with the other servants.
  • Gradually the female and the male begin to associate in pairs.
  • You are quite fit to associate with me for the rest of the day.
  • The right of individuals to associate for all honorable purposes.
  • The kind of woman he cared to associate with would avoid him.
  • After all, it was rather pleasant to associate with sophistication.
  • She had begun to associate that look of his with protest rather than surprise.
  • We are accustomed to associate an event with a certain melodramatic quality.
  • A saleswoman or cashier or teacher is ashamed to associate with servants.
  • It is a still more terrible thing to associate stupidity with honesty.
  • She refuses to associate with us and has one side of the room to herself.
  • I couldn't afford to associate with sheriffs.
  • Yet it may be wrong to associate the origin of phallic worship with obscenity.
  • It is true that many brave attempts have been made to associate the two.
  • I said, trying to associate the two with a country and a date.
  • He told them not to lie, because good men do not care to associate with liars.

How To Use To Associate In A Sentence?

  • No monarch is mighty enough to compel me to associate with those who will hinder my progress.
  • It is one of the necessities of the mind to associate forms with intellectual capacities.
  • To what purpose had he stooped to associate so constantly with one so much beneath him?
  • It was as impossible to associate the two as to associate a fine dog with treachery.
  • To associate a golden fortune with those two shabby and cadaverous birds of prey was too much.
  • How low he must have fallen, since the common informers disdained to associate with him!
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