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  • He stopped to chat with her.
  • Waldron began to chat.
  • And then they began to chat.
  • He liked to chat with me about the country.
  • It seemed a sin to chat.
  • You have not come to chat about nothings.
  • Already he is talking of going round to chat with him.
  • When they were in the covered way they began to chat.
  • After the game the company would begin to chat.
  • Crack, to chat, to talk.
  • Besides, he went so far as to chat agreeably with them.
  • And he began to chat in the same loose, familiar way.
  • She commenced to chat with Lambert.
  • My friend and I were now at liberty to chat with the men.
  • Then they began to chat, and I heard who they were.
  • Carlo Guerra, like him alone, stopped to chat with him.
  • I used to chat with him in Tammany Hall.
  • Sometimes in the afternoon she went to chat with the postilions.
  • It must be some neighboring woman come to chat a moment with him.
  • Then the two friends sat down to chat while the ladies came down.
  • Jamie saw my confusion and began to chat in his own bright way.
  • No, it's much jollier to chat.
  • After the man went away she began to chat glibly about other subjects.
  • And he drew across his chair, in order to chat with his client.
  • They fell to chat, interchanging memories of those old childish days.
  • She, at all events, showed no disinclination to chat with her neighbours.
  • I stopped to chat with Ambassador Gerard, who had just strolled in.
  • Now and then Barby called, wanting to chat, but Rick discouraged her.

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  • Some of the dinner-guests were rising and crossing the room to chat with friends at other tables.
  • Now it was an ancient river custom for the two pilots to chat a bit when the watch changed.
  • And at last he began to distinguish the people in the beds near by, and to chat with them.
  • However, it is not to chat about this forward creature that you have come hither; it is to wed me.
  • This having been settled, there was nothing more to do except to chat away the time till morning.
  • He loved to chat, especially if he could get off his shoes and wriggle his toes in the sunshine.
  • She was glad to have someone to chat with and while she talked he looked at Sally.
  • He appeared to be quite friendly with Andrews and stopped a moment afterward to chat with him.
  • Neighbors dropped in to chat with them or to borrow a pattern, or to hear Virginia sing.
  • Mr. Wilbraham, who had seemed inclined to chat, whipped up his horse and left them.
  • They walked leisurely over to the laboratory and stopped for a moment to chat with Joe Blake.
  • Estelle and Aurora went in turns to chat with him there, but not one witty word reached Gerald.

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