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  • He tried to coach me.
  • I thought it unnecessary to coach him.
  • He got an old hand in the crew to coach him.
  • Mr. Sorell's going to coach the young man, or something.
  • Who is the kid he's going to coach?"
  • You have a pro. to coach you in the holidays, don't you?"
  • "You will have to coach Badger some," Inza suggested.
  • "Mr. Fred Naylor is going to coach me for horse-racing.
  • so we belong to coach No
  • _down_ through it, and so to coach them that the break becomes imperceptible.

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  • The roof was on fire and the flames leapt from coach to coach with great rapidity.
  • May she hear plenty of fine music in the old country, and come back ready to coach us all.
  • He and Greg did all they could to coach Prescott over the hard work that he had missed.
  • From the time when the watermen used to coach and row, no regular coaching had been done by anyone but the captains.
  • No one should attempt to coach a crew without striving to obtain a practical insight into their nature and order of succession.
  • I only hope they'll succeed in playing the devil themselves a little, even if I'm not here to coach them.
  • Feeling sure of her portion in the play, she could afford to criticize the others, and set to work to coach them vigorously at the evening rehearsal.
  • But it was contrary to his own spirit to coach people: he held the human soul to be a very delicate thing, which can receive eternal damage from a little patronage.
  • There had been many Rosalind competitors but Professor Green and the professional who had come down to coach chose Molly from them all.
  • During this stage we learned the valuable lesson that we should not attempt to coach through England without having the ordnance survey maps, and paying close attention to them.
  • And yet if he were asked to coach some other crew for the day, in which crew this same fault existed, he would be almost certain to note it, and to set to work to cure it.
  • Not to coach his too obvious faults may make visitors fancy that the old screw is a pattern fugleman to be copied for style; and yet to spend objurgation on one so stiff-necked is disheartening waste of wind.
  • Deslauriers, who had found it so troublesome to coach him once more for the second examination at the close of December, and for the third in February, was astonished at his ardour.
  • In 1860 Mr. Warre came to Eton as an assistant master, and at the request of the captain of the boats assisted him to arrange the Westminster race, and engaged to coach the eight.
  • Next week I am going to the Ver Planks' with quite a party and we are to coach through the Berkshires.
  • Simply, that Mr. Smith, having gone through Harvard or Yale, knows exactly what is required there, and will undertake to "coach" any young man for admission in two or three years.
  • The salary is an increasing one, and I am to be allowed to coach private pupils for the university.
  • Beside Lato, during that vacation there were two other guests at Komaritz, one a very distant cousin of Harry's, and the other a kind of sub-tutor whose duty it was to coach Harry in his studies.
  • He was pleased to add something, which I presume he thought jocular, about my being able to "coach" him in such matters, as doubtless even "an old has-been like you" had still some sort of an eye for a pretty girl.
  • As it was a private presentation, it had not been thought necessary to coach me, and as I backed myself out of the august presence, keeping myself as nearly as possible in a courtesying attitude, I caught Mr. McHenry looking at me with amused approval.
  • And Josiah sez, "A coachman is to coach, and a waiter is to wait, and a butler must be to buttle."
  • But Sim Slee was too important and excited to notice this, for he was busy over a book before him, and papers, and constantly in communication with the tall, heavy-looking man in black, Mr Silas Barker, the deputation from London, who was to help the brotherhood through their difficulties, and who had promised to coach and assist Sim in the great speech he was to make that evening.
  • Wherefore the indulgent Gilmores, on Ramsey's pleading, elected to coach first the brother and sister--of Napoleon--letting Hugh ascend to the starlight of the roof and Ramsey follow attended once more by old Joy.
  • She lets out, too, that she's engaged to the gentleman what does a refined acrobatic specialty in the third attraction on the left, and that when they close in the fall he's goin' to coach her up
  • "Everyone's got his hands full right now, you see, and there's no one to coach you much.
  • "Yes. I've had Dolph at all hours, tearing his hair in my laboratory, while I tried to coach him.
  • My dear Bailey--After a tolerable journey, I went from Coach to Coach as far as Hampstead where I found my Brothers--the next Morning finding
  • "Engage him," commanded Sir Simon, "engage him at once, my boy; and are you going to undertake to coach little Ridgwell?"
  • "You don't need to be much of an athlete to coach; I never was so very much," confided Barclay. "
  • "Yes, here they are; but wait a minute, old chap, that isn't all, you have got to coach a youngster I know to sing them."
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