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  • The will to conquer was there.
  • We have to conquer ourselves.
  • Lato will do his best to conquer himself.
  • There are more worlds to conquer.
  • I will stoop to conquer.
  • Essay to conquer an entrance?
  • I had first to conquer myself.
  • For we are ordained to conquer.
  • Nothing to conquer or to love.
  • Make up your mind to conquer it.
  • She seemed to conquer something.
  • But he did not attempt to conquer more than her hand.
  • I was resolved to conquer or to die.
  • There were new fields to conquer.
  • To conquer these places is to lose them.
  • Was he strong enough to conquer them?
  • He dreams of other worlds to conquer.
  • A blind impulse to conquer urges them on.
  • The nobles had to conquer the territories granted them.
  • Yet, reason was to conquer in her.
  • The cavaliers are charging in to conquer or to die.
  • There are plenty of other worlds still to conquer.
  • To deny that there are rivals is no way to conquer them.
  • She was not quite sure that she wanted to conquer it.
  • But knew to conquer and surprise the heart!
  • They sighed for fresh worlds to conquer.
  • One need not be rash or daring to conquer fear.
  • Nevertheless, she is preparing to conquer the world.
  • Determination, a firm resolution to conquer.
  • I suspect that she made no effort to conquer the fault.
  • The will to conquer remained, but not the desire to hate.
  • These misguided men hope to conquer the empire by fear.
  • To conquer music a musician must have conquered self.
  • That our spirit is to conquer our flesh, and keep it down.
  • Are we not here to conquer Hellas?

How To Use To Conquer In A Sentence?

  • It's a man's pleasure to conquer a woman like you.
  • We work to win, to conquer, to be masters.
  • The Government is going to conquer the people.
  • So you wish to conquer in the Olympic games?
  • There is no doubt that he wanted to conquer Egypt.
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