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  • And it would be easier for the houseboaters to contact the barber than vice versa.
  • The body itself is very sensitive to contact with water below the natural temperature of the skin.
  • This was a long chance to take, but it was the only way to contact the grubbers.
  • Dalgard sent out a questing thought, hoping to contact a hopper or even a duck-dog.
  • He said he would make arrangements, and asked the caller to contact him again the next day.
  • Earlier, immediately on arrival, he had tried to contact Chahda without success.
  • I, in the meantime, was desperately trying to find a way to contact Nelka on the San Georgio.
  • Not only had she failed to contact the mysterious woman, but there now seemed little likelihood of doing so.
  • In order to expose the upper surface of the ore to contact with air the material is turned over by manual labour.
  • If the houseboaters were going to contact the barber, they would naturally try to choose a time when they could see him alone.
  • A couple of the blips were over the ocean way south of England and they were trying to contact them by radio to reorient them.
  • Dr. Denning took it upon herself to contact the digital underground, more or less with an anthropological interest.
  • There was no way to take off the parties now aground without exposing them to contact with Darians, on the ground or in the ships.
  • There was no way to take off the parties now aground without exposing them to contact with Darians, on the ground or in the ships.
  • If it appeared that the Nipe were actually about to contact his confederates out there somewhere, we would be forced to act immediately, of course.
  • The first part of this story strongly reminds one of the story of Moses, and may have been due to contact with Europeans.
  • The question has been much discussed whether the new religion of Arabia was due to contact with Judaism or with Christianity.
  • After forty years in which he had watched suffering and death, he preserved still his native repugnance to contact with any side of life that did not have a comfortable feeling to it.
  • The winding of the grounder is connected in such a manner that the next passing impulse throws off its latch, permitting the long spring to contact with the ground spring.
  • The brass tube is very freely perforated with holes to admit water, streaming radially through the holes in the agitator, to contact with the thermometer.
  • After the war I tried to contact Bill Haynes to see if he had any, but was not able to find his correct address.
  • I understood what a deep wound her family pride must have received, and how bitterly she must have regretted a union, which exposed her son to contact with degradation and crime.
  • He had on his own Sunday attire and realized the cost of it, so objected almost as strongly as Mabel had done to contact with this well-soused youngster.
  • The same fate is reserved to the false knowledge resulting therefrom to the name and form, to the six senses, to contact, to sensation, to desire, to conception, to existence, to birth, and to pain or miseries.
  • And while Dalgard was alert to all about them, he knew that Sssuri was mind questing in a far wider circle, trying to contact a hopper, a runner, any animal that could answer in part the inquiries they had.
  • If a Super-Power wanted to contact man, it seems unlikely to me that it'd be all wrapped up in a lot of complicated gobbledegook.
  • Similarly, the rudimentary Testament which (as I am informed) the Rabbinical Jewish law provides for, has been attributed to contact with the Romans.
  • I believe that his difficulty in expressing his thoughts otherwise than in writing attached him to people who had long been familiar with his current of thought and with his dreamings, and that his inferiority in conversation rendered him generally averse to contact with clever men.
  • Of course, if you really wanted the work a lot, you could try to contact the author--not always easy.
  • It is obvious, therefore, that a fuse must be located between the carbon arrester and any part of the line which is subject to contact with a potential which can give an abnormal current when the carbon arrester acts.
  • If the equipment is not primarily used for E911, then the SSC/MAC should advise PSAP to contact their CPE vendor.
  • He would say that knowledge of the remote in space, or in the past, might be telepathically communicated to the brain of some living person; while, for knowledge of the future, he could fly, with Hartmann, to contact with the Absolute.
  • Amid such new and varied surroundings it would be surprising indeed if the author, with his faculty of making even the commonplace attractive, did not tell an intensely interesting story of adventure, as well as give much information in regard to the distant countries through which our friends pass, and the strange peoples with whom they are brought to contact.

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  • He had to contact them, befriend them.
  • To contact their own underground, if one exists.
  • We do not owe them to contact with the English.
  • Dalgard made no move to contact Sssuri.
  • Then if both are involved, they have to contact each other sometime.
  • Will you return home until you wish to contact us about therapy?
  • You promised to contact these creatures, attempt to negotiate with them.
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