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  • Are you going to contribute?
  • To contribute to the support of our pastors.
  • We could get some people to contribute a little.
  • Sometimes she had to contribute some of her own money to his expense accounts.
  • Encourage your guests to contribute their own latest discoveries.
  • Even foreigners were made very uncomfortable if they refused to contribute.
  • Indeed, his only study now was to contribute to their happiness.
  • All the most refined arts are called in to contribute to the idea.
  • It is the object of these papers to contribute my mite to this work.
  • There is somebody who had to contribute it, and who will have to find more.
  • There's a poor-box, and he will have to contribute.
  • I'd like to contribute a dollar, at least.
  • As it happened, nobody ever was allowed to contribute a series at all.
  • I, for one, shall be proud to contribute to so worthy an object.
  • Almost every viceroy {210} had to contribute to funds for starving peasantry.
  • And every touch, however transient, is made to contribute to the main effect.
  • To this force, a year later, Spain was able to contribute nearly sixty.
  • The following day Signor Nicolini offered to contribute a sum of L50.
  • Such was the reminiscence I was moved to contribute, Mr. Chairman.

How To Use To Contribute In A Sentence?

  • It would be against all my principles to contribute money to any such philanthropy.
  • He got the feeling of being expected to contribute to the oppressiveness of the occasion.
  • I am afraid it will never be in my power to contribute anything to the object of the institution.
  • But because this kind of artwork has something important to contribute to our national culture.
  • None of them had any skills to contribute, but they brought plenty of enthusiasm.
  • She was hopeful, only because she wished to contribute no unnecessary worry to the man.
  • It is a delicate compliment for outsiders also to contribute a cake to the common fund.
  • We have asked two well-known members of the expedition to contribute reminiscences printed below.
  • If there is no translation currently available, the system calls on the public to contribute.
  • Some of us are even willing to contribute to his support, scandalous as it would be.
  • So far as he was able, he continued to contribute to the guidance and protection of his country.
  • In this way all sects are represented by their best, if the members see fit to contribute them.
  • The report was sent out with much prayer, but no individual person was asked to contribute.
  • We crave alike to feel more truly at home with it, and to contribute our mite to its amelioration.
  • Some of such persons offered to endow their house, and others to contribute very ample alms.
  • As agricultural science began to contribute to the art of farming, he studied applied science.
  • They were good enough to contribute a sort of money-purse, and presented me with three dollars.
  • Still I cannot forbear to contribute my rude shingle here and there to the memory of my comrades.
  • An occasional simple, square, candle lantern hangs from the ceiling to contribute to the effect.
  • Gallardo collected all his own and his wife's jewels to contribute to the Macarena's splendor.
  • I had often tried before I went to England to contribute to the great English newspapers.

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