To Decide In A Sentence

How To Use To Decide In A Sentence?

  • But she really was trying to decide.
  • It was difficult to decide the contest.
  • It was a knotty point to decide.
  • There was only one way to decide.
  • That was a matter for the court to decide.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Decide | To Decide Sentence

  • But it is for you to decide.
  • It is for me to decide.
  • It is for you now to decide.
  • That is for you to decide.
  • Now you are to decide which it is to be.
  • It is for you to decide.
  • I do not wish you to decide at once.
  • I only have power to decide for him.
  • I had to decide in a flash.
  • That seemed to decide her.
  • I want you to decide.
  • But for the rest it is not for me to decide.
  • It is difficult to decide.
  • They had to decide soon.
  • I leave it for you to decide.
  • That is what we practically have to decide.
  • Sorez had but a second in which to decide.
  • I am the one to decide that.
  • I had no time to decide.
  • A chance to decide between you.
  • The gardeners were to decide on that.
  • What was he going to decide?
  • What had happened here to decide her?
  • But who is to decide on utility?
  • Who is to decide the matter?
  • He had only a few seconds to decide.
  • They will be pleased to decide.
  • I could not be expected to decide all at once.
  • That was enough to decide him to be nothing at all.
  • It did not take them long to decide.
  • But just where he had erred he was unable to decide.
  • But there are more important things to decide.
  • I have not undertaken to decide whether it is just or not.
  • Are you to decide to-night?
  • We told him that there was nothing to decide.
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