To Demand In A Sentence

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  • What have you come to demand?
  • I have a right to demand it.
  • Barre hastened to demand it.
  • I came to demand it for the girl.
  • I thought for a while he was going to demand that.
  • You have a right to demand the same in return.
  • It seems to demand a tune.
  • Envoy will follow to demand production.
  • She was in a position not only to demand but to receive.
  • Mannering hastened to demand what they wanted.
  • Publication of information relating to demand and supply.
  • He has no right to demand the reason of her refusal.
  • No sacrifices were too great to demand from the people.
  • And now the ships were coming to demand an accounting.
  • He stopped to demand portions of his late residence.
  • This investigation the young man had resolved to demand.
  • They sent a deputation to the fort to demand the letter.
  • The eagerness of her silence seemed to demand as much.
  • The health of the eye seems to demand a horizon.
  • I tried to look as sad as the occasion seemed to demand.
  • I seem to demand, but he seems to command.
  • I come to demand my right, because you are a justice.
  • To ask, to solicit, to demand.
  • Mock was overheard to demand of Wilhelm.
  • I think I have a right to demand who it is.
  • I come, great sir, your justice to demand.
  • Cease to demand of a soul's misery joy's sacrifice.
  • Herbert Dodd found it almost desolately natural to demand.
  • Is that a question For you, who are her father, to demand?
  • Had the husband arrived to demand Heaven only knew what?...
  • He can have it when he becomes sensible enough to demand it.
  • But how would it do to demand of him the satisfaction of a gentleman?
  • It seemed as if gran'ther had a right to demand it of her.
  • She hungered for the confidence which she was too proud to demand as her right.
  • You have the right to demand that it be shown to you innumerable times.
  • This situation is sufficiently grievous to demand further comment.

How To Use To Demand In A Sentence?

  • Have you considered that you have trained him to demand you all the time and all of you?
  • But is it not sporting with philosophy to demand of it any other character than that of truth?
  • The concessions which had been made had but encouraged the colonists to demand more.
  • There were things which seemed to demand an explanation with regard to your position.
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