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  • Blair sought to deter him.
  • The Church has pursued Paine to deter others.
  • These three evils are sufficient to deter the teacher from the practice.
  • The policy of the Klan all the while was to deter men from wrongdoing.

How To Use To Deter In A Sentence?

  • Such a prospect was of itself sufficient to deter him from the attempt to escape.
  • I had satisfied myself by many instances) to deter him from that injurious conduct.
  • He was adroit enough to do it, and he would have no scruples whatever to deter him.
  • Should one king rise up against another, all the other kings must arise to deter him.
  • Nor do I need say any more to deter you from so pernicious a practice as gaming.
  • The Warwick party had made "threats of blood" to deter Southampton from complaining to the king.
  • Would not the consideration of being obnoxious to such suspicion be sufficient to deter any woman of virtue from running the hazard?
  • It is also intended to deter others from the commission of evil, and preserve the order of the world.
  • It is useful to record failures and unsuccessful trials; as they serve to deter others from unnecessary risk.
  • Cars should be fitted with mandatory radio beacons and highways put under constant state surveillance in order to deter crop theft.
  • Our jewel only keeps bright with use, and in three ways our enemies endeavour to deter us from using it.
  • I told him exactly, setting the limits as low as possible, not to deter him from fighting if such was his intention.
  • But ought one seriously to allow such a timid consideration as that to deter one from following the evident path of greatest religious promise?
  • To justify that, the conduct from which it is desired to deter him, must be calculated to produce evil to some one else.
  • Beware that ye allow not wolves to become the shepherds of the fold, or pride and conceit to deter you from turning unto the poor and the desolate.
  • It was here that he found the grass distinctly damp; this really was enough to deter an asthmatic, already beginning to feel asthmatical.
  • He frequently paused; but my answers and remarks, occasionally given, appeared to deter him from the revelation of his purpose.
  • There was another reason sufficient to deter him from confirming the nomination of Rodolph, had none other opposed it.
  • And vainly you strive to deter Heaven's vengeance, whose laws you have broken.
  • He also sent out letters privately to deter eminent friends of Mill from giving their names to the memorial committee.
  • There was a time, centuries ago, when the humiliations attending any upward climb were sufficient to deter a sensitive, honorable soul.
  • The Mormons told them that the snow often fell there twenty feet deep, and some other stories likely to deter them from making the attempt.
  • The criminals are punished, not for the mere sake of the punishment or for vengeance, but to deter them from further crime or to serve as a warning to others.
  • The memory of his own childhood was quite sufficient to deter him from any attempt to force instruction on his boy, and cloud the sunshine of his young life.
  • What doubt shall come, then, to deter The Republic's earnest faith and courage high.
  • Without it, the community neither feels that it is sufficiently revenged on the criminal, nor thinks that the example of his punishment is adequate to deter others from imitating him.
  • Persecution is necessary to our priests, to deter mankind from opposing themselves to their avarice, their ambition, their vanity, and their obstinacy.
  • The fact, too, that it was a vein that would have to be worked by machinery, was in itself sufficient to deter solitary miners from trying to follow it up.
  • It came to her in a throb of joyous pride that in spite of all that she had done to deter him, he had persisted in helping and protecting her, oblivious of her denial of him and of her cutting disdain.
  • It was not only better to deter the negroes from theft and other lawlessness in this way than to put them in the penitentiary; but it was the only way, at this time, by which they could be controlled.
  • He was about to proceed on his professional round, and said nothing further to deter the American from proceeding on his own very unprofessional experiment as a detective.
  • Our experience of the nature of the country to the southward, and the westward, was such as to deter us from risking anything, by taking such a direction as was most agreeable to our views.
  • He was one that was not afraid of the faces of men; and every one knew that it was in vain to attempt to deter him from doing what, on mature consideration, he had determined he ought to do.
  • It was considered a highly moral play, and was acted for the particular benefit of apprentices, to deter them from the crime of theft, and from keeping company with bad women.
  • Is the chief object of punishment to avenge the wrong, to punish the criminal, to deter others from committing similar crimes, or to reclaim the wrong-doer?
  • You may imagine the rage and terror that seized us as we watched them, neither daring to hinder them nor able to speak a word to deter them from their purpose, whatever it might be.
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