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  • I am going to devote myself to work.
  • I cannot afford to devote more money to this object.
  • Is she not to devote her life to teaching her sex?
  • I wish to devote myself to another verse alone.
  • I have never wanted to devote myself to any woman since.
  • I want to devote all my time to yon colliery.
  • To-day I am going to devote entirely to writing.
  • Left alone, Barret began to devote himself to the cliffs.
  • I had planned to devote lot No. 2 to a piggery.
  • There was nothing now for me to do but to devote myself wholly to my mother.
  • Fred was ready to devote himself heart and soul to the task.
  • Then he had proposed to devote his life to breeding shire-horses.
  • It was his prayer to devote the remnant of his days to peace and privacy.
  • It is, to devote the remainder of my life to this educational work.
  • What else is it, to devote with certainty an unhappy child to similar misery?
  • To incite another, to devote one's self to.
  • The Elspeths of this world always have some man to devote himself to them.
  • But the future Governor did not intend to devote himself to farming.
  • At seventeen Voltaire determined to devote his life to literature.

How To Use To Devote In A Sentence?

  • Lahoma did not think life would have been too long to devote to such pilgrimages.
  • I shall have to devote a section of my essay to the consideration of this subject.
  • She now hopes to be permitted to devote an evening hour of her life to that cause.
  • Then he condescended to devote a share of his precious store to the courtiers behind him.
  • This decided him to devote himself to the problem of reproducing sounds by mechanical means.
  • He gave out that he wished to devote the remainder of his life to philanthropic enterprises.
  • Gone were the flourishing manufactures since the warrior had no time to devote to trading.
  • He was thus in a manner compelled to devote his time and talents to the science of astronomy.
  • I hope to be able to devote at least a score of years yet to this happy service.
  • First, it may be well to devote a paragraph to the phrases applied to the institution.
  • He has renounced all pleasure and enjoyment, to devote his whole time to his books.
  • She seemed to herself to relinquish joy in life, and to devote herself wholly to duty.
  • He had decided to devote himself to the cause of the persecuted, however dear it cost him.
  • The goal is to offer a financial reason to devote time to this particular creative activity.
  • Now that he is assured of recognition, he says he is going to devote all his time to writing.
  • She laughed silently and turned her head to devote her entire attention to the scene at the table.
  • Many women chose to devote their time to good works rather than to the cares of family life.
  • This offer she accepted, as with a partner she would be able to devote more time to the wounded.
  • Possibly it was because Polly had wished to devote herself entirely to her work.
  • He produced half a crown, and declared his willingness to devote it all to beer for my benefit.
  • And George intended to devote a portion of this to the restoration of the abbey.
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