To Effect In A Sentence

How To Use To Effect In A Sentence?

  • In order to effect this they are transferred to a stockyard on the beach.
  • Some doubted the ability of their country to effect her redemption.
  • I intend to effect a junction between those bags and that flotilla.
  • Even the powers of magic were tried in vain to effect his cure.
  • Wherefore these things even being foreseen come freely to effect.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Effect | To Effect Sentence

  • How are we to effect this?
  • And how do they intend to effect this?
  • And you had the skill to effect that?
  • But how was he to effect his purpose?
  • What did he hope to effect by what he said?
  • These will be sufficient to effect a cure.
  • The argument is from cause to effect.
  • Mosby determined to effect their capture.
  • Nor is the transformation very hard to effect.
  • They break down your gates and palings to effect this.
  • I alone managed to effect my escape.
  • By this pass we were now enabled to effect our escape.
  • To effect this it is necessary to recast the horse.
  • This he proposed to effect as secretly as possible.
  • God is not related to the world as cause to effect.
  • He therefore turned to other methods to effect his end.
  • To effect this a heavy board should be laid upon it.
  • Fate and love combined seem labouring to effect it.
  • The mechanism used to effect this is peculiarly ingenious.
  • One bright woman is enough to effect such a miracle.
  • With soldiers, to effect a rescue!
  • That is a middle-class invention to effect a compromise.
  • Thus to effect, cause yields.
  • This she undertook to effect in the space of half-an-hour.
  • To effect this, two armies were to act together.
  • To effect a cure, the general health must be established.
  • This is not so easy to effect in Art as many suppose.
  • How was I to effect my escape from this perilous asylum?
  • All day I have been trying in vain to effect it.
  • Our mighty foe Is ready to effect our overthrow.
  • Goe, spread, Let me alone to effect it.
  • Probably he has adopted some imposture or other to effect his plan.
  • It is not in man's power to effect it.
  • That you have failed to effect all you hoped for is not your fault.
  • Such relapses are not very difficult to effect in revolutionary times.
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