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  • He thought to enforce.
  • Perhaps it has not been possible to enforce it.
  • I sacrificed them to enforce a belief.
  • The attempt to enforce it was not a success.
  • It has a double power to enforce its decrees.
  • And she will be strong enough to be able to enforce it.
  • Whereupon a contest commenced to enforce the performance.
  • But it is quite another thing to try to enforce them.
  • If it is proper to enforce the fourth, it is the whole.
  • I have claims which I mean to enforce.
  • But you tell Soane to enforce the rule against pedlars.
  • He had dictated the terms himself and meant now to enforce them.
  • As against the state it had no power to enforce its decision.
  • But these regulations were difficult if not impossible to enforce.
  • And such measures as they endorse they are likely to enforce by law.
  • How could business be carried on if we are not to enforce our rights?
  • It's the only way to enforce discipline.
  • And the attempt to enforce it will surely show itself wrong.
  • He does not use the stage as a pulpit to enforce some maxim.
  • Threats to enforce the punitive provisions of the law did not terrify them.
  • Tis no light task to enforce obedience from those with whom one has birdnested.
  • Some moral sanction or other is absolutely necessary to enforce his respect.
  • You're quite helpless to enforce your wishes.
  • Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  • I seized the first pause in his rhetoric to enforce this sentiment.
  • Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
  • He was fond of using it pretty frequently to enforce his instructions.
  • No assistant attorney generals are necessary to enforce prohibition there.
  • The authorities were too divided among themselves to enforce public opinion.
  • The courts are often called upon to enforce this right of the people.
  • You know we have laws against witchcraft, and we mean to enforce them.
  • We broke in like thieves to enforce redress for a grievance very like your own.
  • The men employed must have official authority to enforce the law.
  • I 'm here to enforce the law and arrest law-breakers.
  • Such at least is the law, but it is never necessary to enforce it.

How To Use To Enforce In A Sentence?

  • The government cannot interfere to enforce delivery of the goods to the importer.
  • But there was no central government to enforce that decision or exact from him restitution.
  • English troops were on their way to the colony to enforce submission and obedience.
  • Do not attempt to enforce his compliance by continuing the punishment until he yields.
  • Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.
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