To Grant In A Sentence

How To Use To Grant In A Sentence?

  • At length I prevailed on her to grant me an assignation.
  • She will not fail to grant it, I am sure.
  • And on this evening whose request can I fail to grant?
  • You are the one to grant pardon; I am the malefactor.
  • After some demur, Philip consented to grant their petition.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Grant | To Grant Sentence

  • They had to grant it.
  • We do not ask him to grant more.
  • We prefer to grant the point.
  • I beseech you to grant me the same office.
  • There is no judge to grant such an injunction.
  • The envoy was not empowered to grant it.
  • It would be pity to grant it.
  • This boon they have not chosen to grant him.
  • It lies with yourself to grant my request.
  • Just think to grant me a little affection.
  • And thus he was pleased to grant her prayer.
  • But it unnecessary to grant that woman can not fight.
  • Yet to grant them meant ruin complete.
  • You are ready to grant anything but a constitution.
  • In what cases has he power to grant reprieves and pardons?
  • No one seems to grant them much respect.
  • So as he persisted in his wish, they had to grant it.
  • It appealed to their sense of power to grant the favor.
  • His mother shows herself unusually ready to grant it.
  • For what reasons the power to grant reprieves and pardons?
  • The man promised without hesitation to grant my request.
  • Breckenridge turned to Grant.
  • It's a request which you're going to grant.
  • Nona stood close to Grant.
  • I shouted wildly to Grant.
  • Nona shuddered and pressed closer to Grant.
  • Did you take that cayuse back to Grant?
  • The Papacy declined to grant the decree.
  • Besides I am not the person who has power to grant it.
  • It is to grant that wish that I now come.
  • May God be pleased to grant you a speedy recovery.
  • They did not wish to Grant their money, that was all.
  • He could not, surely, refuse to grant her unspoken desire.
  • Moving out from the rest, he turned to Grant.
  • He was too shy to grant the interview I asked.
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