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  • He came down to ground at this and consented to go with me.
  • The drifting petal came to ground.
  • We were all but run to ground, you see.
  • The fourth came down to ground on the following day.
  • It has, however, only gone to ground.
  • Plant 15 or 20 feet apart according to ground and tree.
  • You compare the Americans to ground-hogs.
  • Gives me a bit of a twinge when I set it to ground.
  • The switching springs always are arranged to ground the line wire.
  • It clutched him, hurled him to ground, dragged him back to the dizzy verge.
  • Swearing under his breath Kansas went to ground like a badger.
  • They soon came to ground subsequently immortalized in English story.
  • Had he run them utterly to ground, the Japanese might have dispensed with him.
  • Notwithstanding, I cannot put foot to ground without excruciating pain.
  • Why, I remember running a fox to ground there twenty years ago!
  • I've a right to ground enough to set my feet on, and so have these people.

How To Use To Ground In A Sentence?

  • It was like asking one belligerent to ground arms in the face of its onrushing antagonist.
  • Meanwhile King Padella was scampering off as hard as his horse could lay legs to ground.
  • He called down, identifying himself and the ship and asking for coordinates so his ship could be brought to ground.
  • He called down, identifying himself and the ship and asking for coordinates so his ship could be brought to ground.
  • She only wished that he would not publicly misrepresent them, without sufficient evidence upon which to ground his charges.
  • It became necessary to furl the upper sails, for the ship threatened to ground, and if she did so she was lost.
  • A carbon block connected with a wire of the line is separated from a carbon block connected to ground by some form of insulating separator.
  • He was groggy with lack of sleep and felt that if he once allowed himself to slip completely to ground level, he would not get up again.
  • C., was not disinclined to lead us to ground more debateable, and lay a trap for our national vanity.
  • Grenville had felt of his head, then arisen to take the sweeps from her hands, though the catamaran was about to ground on the beach.
  • The passage of current to ground at the arrester, however, will be over a path containing nothing but wire and the arrester.
  • He knew too well that the gallant horse had received his death-blow even before he went heavily to ground within fifty yards of the ranch.
  • A shower of bricks and mortar comes down like a landslip, and if you are quick you may just see two black streaks go to ground.
  • The mantel sank to ground level and the stereo swung outward, bringing into view a shining cubical locker of beryllium steel.
  • But where have they found, or where can they find, a principle more clear, more simple, or more unquestionable on which to ground their arguments?
  • Always on coming in one's spectacles turned to ground-glass and one's out-door harness to melting lead.
  • But, young sir, you must catch your puppy ere you hang him, and if he is in this marsh he must have gone to ground.
  • It was all-important to ground believers in a firm faith of the dogmas which were deemed necessary to support the Church and the cause of religion.
  • Suspicion and disapprobation, which had only too much to ground itself upon, had taken possession of the high places of the Church.
  • Leaving this and turning left-handed, he ran on as far as Sumotherplace, where he finally got to ground.
  • We were getting on to ground perilous for me, because Marget had evidently heard something and was determined to test it at first hand.
  • But God and our archers made them soon to stumble, for our archers shot never arrow amiss that did not pierce and bring to ground horse and man.
  • The three boys paddled on silently for a while, and then Nugget managed to ground the Imp on a concealed ledge of rocks.
  • Sometimes, at a longer ascent, the Master would set foot to ground and walk by my side, mostly without speech.
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