To Halt In A Sentence

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  • Morrison was the first to halt them.
  • Then they were to halt and wait.
  • He ordered the train to halt.
  • Lewis made a signal to them to halt.
  • Then came the command to halt.
  • We there inclined to halt for a time.
  • They were only too glad to halt and let him do his will.
  • It is time to halt and to call in our men.
  • To halt upon that holy strand.
  • He waited for them to show a disposition to halt.
  • Here we made preparations to halt for the night.
  • Kennedy motioned to his companion to be silent and to halt.
  • There was no time to halt between two opinions.
  • But her exclamation caused him to halt in bewilderment.
  • March it was necessary to halt there for a certain period.
  • At last came the welcome command to halt.
  • I heard him order them to halt and turn back.
  • Dick stopped suddenly and called to the girls to halt.
  • The order was given by the officer in charge to halt.
  • As soon as they saw the boy they shouted to him to halt.
  • The general gives the order to halt and make a zariba.
  • Fatigue, however, now compelled us to halt.
  • Thereupon Asa again shouted to him to halt.
  • A man came running towards us motioning us to halt.
  • We were glad to halt at 11.30 for dinner, and a short rest.
  • Before these curtains Billali motioned us to halt.
  • We soon gained rapidly, and I shouted to them to halt.
  • The King, taking this advice, gave the word to halt.
  • He was not content to halt after the discovery of the white stoneware.
  • But they were in good training, and they did not have to halt.
  • The leader was the first to notice him and gave the order to halt.
  • King let him ride twenty paces before calling to him to halt.
  • He worked the car as far forward as possible and then had to halt.
  • Twice more he found it necessary to halt and menace the enraged followers.
  • We are obliged to halt where a little grass can be found for our mules.

How To Use To Halt In A Sentence?

  • Here my orders directed me to halt and watch the movements of the enemy.
  • And after this came a second thought that caused him to halt abruptly.
  • Fatigue compelled them to halt frequently, for a moment or two.
  • He again ordered the other man to halt, and it was sullenly obeyed.
  • Full three hundred yards he ran before he would consent to halt.
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