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  • All these amount to less than nothing.
  • I subject others to less arduous tests.
  • The conversation turned to less pressing topics.
  • A part of this is due to less leisure now than formerly.
  • The loss of life was limited to less than twenty.
  • Down dropped the airship to less than a thousand feet.
  • They were pulling as hard as we were, but to less avail.
  • Now let us return to less important actors.
  • Indubitably, to less than 1,400 miles.
  • Five years later, it had dwindled to less than one-half.
  • For this excess, amounting to less than thirty per cent.
  • In 1641 they fell to less than L2000; in 1643 to L15.
  • Nor did she appear to less advantage in the season of calamity.
  • We presently dropped it and gave our efforts to less difficult particulars.
  • This rapidly declines to less than 0.5 percent in the subsoil.
  • They vary in size from six or seven gallons down to less than a pint.
  • Paper money fell to less than a quarter of its former value in gold.
  • Were there not currents higher up that would waft him to less arid regions?
  • Why should it yield to less powerful sentiments, to inferior satisfactions.
  • The error of Uranus still amounted to less than two minutes.
  • Footnote 6, loss changed to less (no less than ten engines).
  • Up to less than three months ago the solitary woman in his life had been Terry.
  • Burgoyne's force was now reduced to less than six thousand men.

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  • Let us not attribute to malice and cruelty what may be referred to less criminal motives.
  • Let me tell you that sort of thing leads from the dance floor to less public places.
  • He could see the effect, not visible to less interested eyes but very plain to his.
  • Because such wrongs drive a lover to greater passion, but to less wishes of welfare.
  • Let us attend to less frightful certainties, and which have a little more appearance of truth.
  • He is a man of most unfortunate voyages, and no gallant walks the streets to less purpose.
  • Collectively, these people could not have amounted to less than one hundred and twenty in number.
  • Irish shipping had been reduced to less than a third of that of Liverpool alone.
  • They decreased rapidly from a hundred to fifty, and then to twenty-five, and then to less.
  • At the same time the factories devoted to mixed goods declined from 25,200 to less than 16,350.
  • A powerful signal came from the direction of the city, confined to less than a degree of arc.
  • But to revert to less "towny" and much more interesting matters passing on board.
  • The little band, by this time reduced to less than one hundred people, was in desperate straits.
  • To turn to less serious things, the British Regular is a very decorative personage.
  • There had been such a huge sick list that summer that they were reduced to less than half their normal strength.
  • The foot of the measuring rod should be shod with iron to prevent its being worn to less than the proper length.
  • Some minutes more were thus consumed and the interval of distance was reduced to less than 8,000 miles.
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