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  • Higher it is reduced to low conical masses of foliage or prostrate creeping shrubs.
  • It was but the mechanical repetition of two notes falling always from high to low.
  • It is vnspeakeable, what fatnesse is brought to low grounds by inundations of waters.
  • There is a mood in which a deprivation of high comedy may drive one to low-down farce.
  • While the air moves laterally from high to low, it does not move in a direct line.
  • We came to low land with a brook running through it, and in the distance could see the dogs.
  • The reaction turbine is best adapted to low heads, with a large supply of water.
  • Cheaper, botched fakes were sold or sharewared to low-level gangs of boodler wannabes.
  • Soon he shifted to low gear, and crawled forward at a pace little faster than a brisk walk.
  • It was the intermediary stage, marking the passage from high to low, from best to worst.
  • But I do not think that the mediocre quality of most book-reviewing is due to low payment.
  • They had a ritual 'for almost every act of their lives,' a thing unfamiliar to low savages.
  • Anyway, I got bounced not only in rank on the job, but up to Low-Middle in caste.
  • And therefore, for a man to be degraded, it is not necessary that he should have given himself up to low and mean practices.
  • Ever would they find themselves tossed from low to high and fall from high to low again in the salt wash of the retreating wave.
  • Jump on to that rock before the next wave comes in, and climb on to the reef beyond it and get out to low-water mark.
  • Oh, my dear and well-beloved countrymen, what creatures of fashion and precedent we all are, from high to low!
  • So saying he sprang into the darkness, and soon the street resounded to low signal whistles, uttered and instantly replied to.
  • The hills had sunk away to low up-sweepings of gray soil, no longer hiding the plain which lay yellow against a cobalt sky.
  • Goldsmith, for instance, was the same hero to low-bred women, and the same coward to ladies, that he depicts in his charming comedy.
  • For me it is immoral to be false, to be mean, to steal, to cheat, to stoop to low actions and small ends.
  • There are no people on the face of the earth to equal the Irish in their devotion to low mass, or in the number of the mass-going population.
  • Slowly the motorcycle lost speed under the awful drag of the steep ascent, and at last Bert was forced to change to low gear.
  • The Major pacified the dog, who took instead to low, uneasy growling intermingled with occasional yelps.
  • Long boulevards to give unobstructed passage to low-level air-traffic, of course, and short winding walkways, but not things like these.
  • However, she was used to low doorways, that did not scare her, and inside the room it was not so inhospitable as on the dark, stone, spiral stairs.
  • But Sylvia frequently gave way to low spirits, thinking that at any moment the good symptoms might give way to bad ones.

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  • Ye niggers who stick to low whites!
  • Rowte, to low, to bellow.
  • One of the oxen at last began to low softly and anxiously.
  • Brood combs, danger of exposure to low temperature, 49.
  • My own Company, 'A,' was down to low numbers.
  • All armies prefer high ground to low and sunny places to dark.
  • It was hard to cut down a list of expenses already reduced to low water mark.
  • By 1880 the once-brisk lake trade of that port had fallen to low levels.
  • Third, deficiency of moisture due to low humus content of the soil or drought.
  • American women, from high to low, keep house too hard because too ambitiously.
  • Tendency of Woman's Wage to low uniform level.
  • Then he saw that he had drifted close to low ground off the Point of Ayre.
  • Please take the necessary steps to raise him to Low-Upper, immediately.
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