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  • His two personalities had separated, never to merge again.
  • The two seemed to merge into one gigantic pulse . . .
  • Sokar, another god of death, shows a tendency to merge himself in Osiris.

How To Use To Merge In A Sentence?

  • Their object is to merge all natural and all social sentiment in inordinate vanity.
  • Presently you are ready to merge it into the flesh of the leg so that its upper end disappears.
  • As dizziness began to merge into oblivion, Rogers, without releasing his hold, bent over.
  • All the most vital questions of national progress tend to merge themselves into international questions.
  • The country now began to change in the magical way that countries do change when they begin to merge into neighbouring ones.
  • Every now and then some incipient air would seem about to draw itself clear of the dulcet confusion, only to merge again in the consorted roar.
  • The mercantile code has not yet done so, but the wealthy class has attempted to merge itself in or to imitate the feudal class.
  • It seemed the cheaper and safer course to try to merge herself, an unnoticed figure, in the routine of the house.
  • The thunder of the big guns grew louder as we approached the front line, until they seemed to merge into one continuous roar.
  • She could not make out more than the vague outline of his figure now as he stood still, his body seeming to merge into the great trunk of the tree.
  • He seemed half to forget his subject, or to merge it, in a deep, thoughtful gaze at her for a few moments, over which a smile gradually broke.
  • Hanover Island soon vanished from sight altogether, and the towering cliffs on either hand seemed to merge into an unbroken barrier ahead.
  • The short summer night was just about to merge into dawn when Dumani, weary almost unto death, reached the top of the last ridge.
  • Gradate -vim: one grade or step at a time: to arrange in a series: to blend so as to merge one into the other - e.g. colors.
  • How long Scandinavian was spoken in England we do not know, but it is probable that it began to merge into English at an early date.
  • Down from the wondrous face melted the rounded column of her throat to merge into exquisite curves of shoulders and breasts, half revealed beneath the swathing veils.
  • She has to give herself so entirely and unreservedly, and in many cases to merge her individuality in that of another, that to do it with grace requires a considerable drain on her fund of unselfishness.
  • To merge the separate states in a general government possessing unlimited authority would place all local interests at the mercy of what the people regarded as virtually a foreign power.
  • She says that she loves you; that may be; but you will find that she does not love you sufficiently to merge her life in yours, to condemn herself to exile amongst savages for your sake.
  • The glimmer of dawn began to merge into the gold of morning, and by the time we reached the dwelling the level shafts of sunlight were searching the crests of every tree and kopje.
  • She was feeling an indefinable sense of disgust; and she was glad to merge once more into the revolving mass of dancers, and to allow the brazen music to beat the thoughts out of her brain.
  • But presently these faded until only the afterglow was left, to merge in turn into the soft summer twilight, through which the stars began to glimpse, one by one.
  • Gradually the lights faded, the shadows faded, then both began to merge till a soft grey-blue dropped over all blending into the sky everywhere except west where the burnish of sunset remained.
  • Let us think of Him as an eternal centre of self-consciousness, able to merge in super-consciousness and to again limit Himself to self-consciousness.
  • In the Red Section have been included flowers of a scarlet hue, not those of crimson or magenta hues, as these have a tendency to merge into pink or purple.
  • So the Bolsheviks on Armistice Day, November 11, began their counter offensive movement which was to merge with their heavy winter campaign.
  • Even his friendship for Carlos, grounded on the likeness of their minds, and faithful as it is, yet seems to merge in this paramount emotion, zeal for the universal interests of man.
  • This, disintegrating, had formed a gently-curving breast which sloped down to merge with the valley's floor.
  • Even the image of his kind friend, Mrs. Arnot, began to merge itself into merely that of the wife of the man who had dealt him a blow from which he began to fear he would never recover.
  • The Republican party became, in time and under stress of war, the refuge of this sentiment and proved sufficiently far-sighted to merge its identity temporarily in the composite Union party of 1864.
  • He was the eldest son of a Lincolnshire squire, a man of fair property and undoubted family; but who, it was thought, would not object to merge the name of Thoresby in that of Hotspur.
  • The ice-plants glinted so brightly that they seemed to merge together a few yards from the observer's feet, and from there to form a shining pathway to the moon.
  • He conceived it to be the painter's duty not only to comment on natural phenomena as restrained by law, but to merge his very mind into that of nature by interpreting its relation with art.
  • Over and over she repeated that name to herself, and it refused somehow to merge with her identity.
  • But he has never been able to merge the personal in the general--to regard his own individuality as other than the first consideration.
  • New Haven had been unwilling to merge itself in the larger colonies; but Winthrop's wise moderation was able to reconcile the jarrings and blend the interests of the united colonies.
  • Eager to forward Schiller's views by exerting all the influence within his power, he succeeded in effecting this; and what was still more difficult, in suffering the character of benefactor to merge in that of equal.
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