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  • Especially when it comes to people.
  • Gentle as he is to people he is a brute to other horses.
  • I mean to people generally.
  • I leave you to people it with your own thoughts.
  • I am a constant surprise to people.
  • What do you mean by complaining about me to people?
  • To people who are not overworked holidays are a nuisance.
  • Some belonged to people who were already gone.
  • To people of strong digestions this does not apply.
  • And you know how to be politely rude to people.
  • She bowed mechanically to people whom she met.
  • We must give what we can to people we know.
  • Why most anything could happen to people who are in love.
  • That will teach him to use vulgar language to people.
  • A charter does not mean a thing that does good to people.
  • Did she tell you to say anything to people who called?
  • Money is very little use to people at our time of life.
  • You're only just to people who aren't suffering.
  • But when it comes to people!...
  • Hear my prayer, for it is good to listen to people.
  • She always talked up, never down, to people.
  • This land he had sold for money to people in the East.
  • Does a Philosopher apply to people to come and hear him?
  • And I have promised them nearly all to people hereabout.
  • What do you want to talk to people for, Nettie?
  • I am never polite to people I like, and I like you.
  • I speak to people about scandals with which they are connected.
  • You don't know what this does to people.
  • There was something about the story that appealed to people.
  • You speak quickly and snappishly to people and they will do the same to you.
  • Such things chance to people who have once lost their memory.
  • I thought that distemper had been only proper to people of quality.
  • I've noticed how obstinately it sticks to people.
  • I can't introduce her to people!
  • You devote yourself to people, and then this is how they treat you.
  • How do you talk to people you don't know?
  • Why so ready to make excuses for not speaking to people about their souls?
  • She is sent by her mother to cause lameness to people who pass.
  • I also realised that you only get letters when you write to people.

How To Use To People In A Sentence?

  • It had left her with a dangerous and destructive appetite for doing good to people.

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