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  • Aurora to renew her pleasure in them after absence.
  • I had no wish to renew my experiences.
  • He wants to renew the acquaintance.
  • I decided to renew my investigations.
  • He did not venture to renew the conversation.
  • I refuse to renew your lease.
  • Lheureux refused to renew any more bills.
  • But he did not think it wise to renew it at that moment.
  • It would not be well for her to renew the acquaintance.
  • With this he came boldly to renew the game.
  • Is it to renew his provisions at the refreshment bar?
  • It will be well to renew the lime-water occasionally.
  • We have done away with the need to renew the right.
  • They arrange instead to renew the maturing draft.
  • The answer seemed to renew his kindly impulse.
  • It is never too late to renew an old friendship.
  • I understand he has come here to-night to renew his offer.
  • Only a half-hearted attempt was made to renew the attack.
  • To renew those old claims so long ago vainly canvassed?
  • How to renew Yeast when sour.
  • This was to renew the bill Bovary had signed.
  • Pray prepare to renew your services to our Muses.
  • In a few minutes I was at leisure to renew it.
  • The English were soon ready to renew the action.
  • After the figure I tried to renew the conversation.
  • How then could Arianism venture to renew the contest?
  • I am here to inquire after your health and to renew my offer of service.
  • To take leave of them is to renew the more bitter separation.
  • Paul says it is impossible to renew such a one to repentance.
  • He discouraged all attempts to renew the subject in conversation.
  • Olympia asked as he sat puzzling for a pretext to renew the talk with her.
  • The government had failed to renew the order of 1807 regarding him.
  • Accordingly, with these exceptions all were ready to renew their engagements.
  • His business here to-day was to endeavor to renew that engagement.
  • He threatened to renew hostilities if the enemy still thought of them.
  • He would have an opportunity to renew the acquaintance already begun.
  • In reality we are simply called upon to renew the process of discrimination.
  • While in this position a fish may recover strength to renew the battle.
  • Then with a solicitous air of virtue the old man urged him to renew it.

How To Use To Renew In A Sentence?

  • It is not every old acquaintance it is worth while to renew our friendship with.
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