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  • And they refused to repeal the law of March, 1662.
  • In my opinion, it was not the intention of the legislature to repeal it.
  • And he got up and took a sheet of paper and begun to write to repeal that law.
  • To repeal it requires now a majority of three-fourths of the States!

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  • This act does not in terms attempt to repeal the prohibitory law then in force in the state.
  • What a legislature sees fit to enact this year it may see fit to repeal next year.
  • They told me that the Queen had sent unto the States to repeal that placard of theirs.
  • They proposed to repeal the disqualification which had been imposed on Dr. Hampden in 1836.
  • His logical argument in favor of the pocketing of the Bill to repeal the Specie Circular.
  • The motive in so doing is a wish to put certain laws into such a shape that it will be difficult to repeal them.
  • An attempt was made to repeal the Act for Naturalizing Foreign Protestants (7 Ann.
  • The colonists petitioned the king and parliament to repeal these obnoxious laws; but their petitions were denied.
  • And for the Governor to repeal statutes by proclamation would be fatal to the liberties of the people.
  • Several efforts were made to repeal the Act of 1807 and substitute for it one of a more popular nature.
  • They wish to repeal universal laws, and to patch our natural skins for us, as if they always wanted mending.
  • With all these influences, however, operating against the law, the next general assembly made no serious attempt to repeal the act.
  • He then read through until where certain principles, previously promulgated, were recommended to Repeal wardens as the catechism they should teach.
  • During the special session of the Legislature, which will be held early in 1913, an effort will be made to repeal the old law.
  • He had an unfortunate quarrel with the Parliament of Paris, and was obliged to repeal a favorite measure.
  • He announced the Dissolution of Parliament, and promised, if his lease of power were renewed, to repeal the income-tax.
  • Yea! and not only so, but we shall reconcile truths, that seem to repeal this or that passage of Scripture, with the Scriptures.
  • This was the original compact between Northern and Southern Democrats in caucus when Douglas consented to repeal.
  • The British merchants petitioned Parliament to repeal the duties, and Parliament answered them by repealing all the duties except the tax on tea.
  • In October Louis Napoleon proposed to repeal it, and the refusal of the Assembly no doubt strengthened his hold on the democracy.
  • On May 1, 1769, the Cabinet voted to repeal the taxes on glass, colours, and paper, but by a majority of one determined to keep the tea duty.
  • You will be asked, I say, to repeal the Union, and make of this miserable rabble, these dregs and sweepings of party, a Parliament.
  • Just at the last moment the judge stepped forward and said that the Khalifa had been graciously pleased to repeal the sentence of execution, and Neufeld was, therefore, again removed to the lock-up.
  • In 1765 she passed the Stamp Act which caused so much bad feeling that in less than a year she decided to repeal it, but new duties on paper, glass, tea, and other commodities were imposed instead.
  • By 1836, however, many State legislatures had been induced to repeal or modify the provisions of the various debtors' imprisonment acts.
  • The Territorial conventions of both parties have resolved in favor of woman suffrage, and there is not a proposition, so far as I know in all that Territory, to repeal the law conferring suffrage upon woman.
  • For that Act made it possible for the first time for the Liberal Home Rule Party to repeal the Act of Union without an appeal to the country.
  • On March 5th the President made good his promise by going before Congress and asking the two houses to repeal that clause in the Panama legislation which granted preferential treatment to American coastwise shipping.
  • When it was proposed to repeal the bill in the following year, Franklin was examined before the House of Commons; the effect of his evidence was decisive, and the Stamp Act was repealed.
  • Again the quarrel with Mr. O'Connell became bitter and personal, and again had he recourse to Repeal.
  • But the Trade Unions are stronger than ever: the Friendly Societies are not bankrupt: the working people are insured against sickness: and anybody who now proposed to repeal the Act would be regarded as a lunatic.
  • Now, if in the next regular session the President takes a firm stand against the ship subsidy that this discrimination gives, couldn't Congress be carried to repeal this discrimination?
  • He was willing to sign a bill to repeal the Independent Treasury Act, for that was a Democratic measure he had not liked; but he refused to sign a bill to establish a new Bank of the United States.
  • They had a majority of 108 on the day that it was voted to bring in a bill to repeal the Stamp Act.
  • You will be asked to repeal the Union, you will be charged with all the venality by which you carried your Bill, every injustice with which it is chargeable, and with a hundred other faults and crimes with which it is unconnected.
  • You will be asked to repeal the Union, to give a Parliament to a country which you have drained of its wealth, from which you have seduced the aristocracy; to restore a deliberative body to a land whose resources for self-legislation you have studiously and industriously ruined.
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