To Sacrifice In A Sentence

How To Use To Sacrifice In A Sentence?

  • I felt that our guardians were again going to sacrifice themselves to these vermin.
  • Would he hesitate for a moment to sacrifice her if it came to a choice between them?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Sacrifice | To Sacrifice Sentence

  • It would be now to sacrifice herself.
  • To sacrifice it for dinner!
  • She had no right to sacrifice her children.
  • There was no plea to sacrifice herself for his sake.
  • To hold him and yet not to sacrifice herself.
  • Was he prepared to sacrifice everything for her?
  • He loved her too much to sacrifice her.
  • I am ready to sacrifice my life.
  • Some one had to sacrifice himself for the good of all.
  • It was her nature to sacrifice itself for others.
  • I will tell her that he refused to sacrifice himself.
  • It seems useless to sacrifice her.
  • It was easier to sacrifice her own pleasures or desires.
  • I threatened to sacrifice you unless she consented.
  • Be willing to sacrifice much for your music.
  • I would not ask her to sacrifice herself for my sake.
  • Refusal to sacrifice the beloved is not a virtue in youth.
  • I diffidently offered to sacrifice my passion.
  • They refused to sacrifice to the gods at his behest.
  • For this latter need he meant to sacrifice his hammer.
  • No denomination is called upon to sacrifice alone.
  • Pity to have to sacrifice our coats, though.
  • He scorned to sacrifice quality at the shrine of quantity.
  • To fight, and to sacrifice himself, if need be.
  • But I am willing to sacrifice even that for victory.
  • But some men, like many women, are born to sacrifice.
  • Well, if it must be, I proceed to sacrifice myself.
  • The King wanted to sacrifice us, one or both, directly.
  • And you are not willing to sacrifice a little of it for my sake?
  • There they endeavoured to persuade him to sacrifice to the heathen gods.
  • I think it was her proposing to sacrifice the whole world for me.
  • She has suffered enough for you to sacrifice your selfish vengeance.
  • It was almost like a boast that he was ready to sacrifice himself.
  • It is a love to which both of us are willing to sacrifice everything.
  • He set out to sacrifice me in order that you might be spared.
  • It saved some clan from devoting a son or a daughter to sacrifice.
  • You order me to sacrifice particular interest to general interest.
  • She has promised, and is willing to sacrifice herself to her promise.
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