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  • There were no paths to safety.
  • Some other road to safety must be found!
  • To safety, then returne.
  • Danger only quickens the sure leap to safety.
  • Then she rode leisurely back to safety.
  • It was probably the key to safety that he sought.
  • The gunman cried out and tumbled to safety in the ditch.
  • He set himself to master the roads that led to safety.
  • Before he could dive back to safety the shells caught him.
  • And yet the path to safety was still a long way off.
  • The boy gave him a wide grin as he climbed to safety.
  • It was our raft, our refuge; and it carried us to safety.
  • That was why he was taking his little son out of the country to safety.
  • Over and over he tried to pull himself to safety but without success.
  • With a little work they can loose themselves and help each other to safety.
  • That honorable gentleman was now scuttling down the street to safety.
  • But it was the law that they should take the brood and run to safety.
  • And upon the top of that was the thought that by such lay the road to safety.
  • Out in the shadows the one-eyed man was paddling earnestly to safety.
  • Have you got the courage to walk out of this house and go home to safety?
  • He marked these refuges and went out to make his first dash to safety.
  • He gained the shore and dragged the wreckage far back to safety.
  • God help us if it blocks that narrow pass which is our only road to safety!
  • We carried the man to the carts and decided we would take him to safety.
  • He carried it out to safety, to fall a victim in a further attempt at salvage.
  • They thought but of one goal: to cling at any price to safety.
  • The dust flew from the street, and pedestrians scuttled to safety.
  • Always, inspired by that call, he had found their way to safety.
  • Clothes, stores, and valuables were all taken away to safety.
  • It is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin.

How To Use To Safety In A Sentence?

  • And the distance to safety had been gained by the scant margin of only a few inches.
  • If he stayed in the road she could find him and lead him out to the north and probably to safety.
  • Now that they were so near to safety, to be recaptured would be frightful indeed.
  • Ivan emptied his revolver and then dashed back to safety even as a fusillade was fired at him.
  • The practice of the different steel companies varies with respect to safety devices.
  • They would know enough to drive on down to safety when they saw the fire surely coming.
  • Something might be wrong with the coils of ice-cold water that chill the vat down to safety.
  • Half the aeroplane accidents are due to the fact that many men prefer risk to safety.
  • She sees but an ashen curl of the path she has traversed to safety, if anything.
  • Still he lingers in his dear chamber, as if preferring death there to safety elsewhere.

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