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  • Dorry had gone to San Andreas.
  • It was local to San Francisco.
  • Then she drove at once to San Francisco.
  • You still have your ticket to San Francisco.
  • From here to San Carlos is but a couple of leagues.
  • It was just dawn when we got to San Jose.
  • But most of the output found its way to San Francisco.
  • So he had not thought of going to San Francisco on a spree!
  • Honolulu to San Francisco, 237-243.
  • He got to San Diego in 22-1/2 hours.
  • From Alameda to San Diego.
  • He was taking her, he said, to San Francisco.
  • So after Easter we went to San Gaudenzio.
  • Came to San Francisco March, 1852.
  • At an early age she came from Australia to San Francisco.
  • A sidenote refers to San Antonio, i, p. 207.
  • We left Europe together and went first to San Francisco.
  • Our author refers in a sidenote to San Antonio, i, p. 207.
  • To tell the truth I shall be glad to get to San Francisco.
  • W. is off this morning with Father Smith to San Clemente.
  • On the 18th of March Hood summoned him to San Fiorenzo.
  • Brought around Cape Horn to San Francisco in childhood.
  • I took the Scala Santa on my way to San Giovanni.
  • Courier says most of Friday gang gone to San Saba Pass.
  • In that, Dr. Charnock thus briefly alludes to San Marcos.
  • It was presented to San Fernando by St. Louis of France.
  • Then they went to San Francisco on the first vessel that sailed.
  • Alex will be going back to San Antonio in less than an hour.
  • The passengers going to San Francisco were already on board.
  • Going back on the ferry to San Francisco the weeping did not cease.
  • Harrison took the writ of habeas corpus and proceeded to San Francisco.
  • We were just in time to catch the first train to go through to San Francisco.
  • The supreme directorship of the renovated republic was offered to San Martin.
  • We were still close enough to San Francisco to get up there often.
  • No one would advance him anything to send succor to San Sebastian.
  • They are foreign in tone, but they belong very much to San Francisco.

How To Use To San In A Sentence?

  • It had been decided that she should go to San Antonio for a day to attend to the family shopping.
  • We went on from here to San Gabriel where we staid six weeks to rest and recuperate the cattle.
  • While the most direct route to San Francisco, it had been rendered the least important.
  • Four days of this satisfied them, and the captain concluded to return to San Hieronimo.
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