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  • Presents were made to seal the peace.
  • She took it as if to seal a compact between them.
  • Be kind enough to seal it before delivery of it to her.
  • He made proposal after proposal with belts and tokens to seal them.
  • To this it is easy to seal a longer tube of the required dimensions.
  • They were able to work in metals and to seal the mouth of this lunar tomb.
  • They shook hands to seal the bargain and drank another glass of old brandy.
  • Maggie, after a short parley, was induced to seal her remembrance with a kiss.
  • The pink rose brought in its heart of gold A kiss, his love to seal.
  • As soon as it was finished, I folded it up, and lighted a taper to seal it.

How To Use To Seal In A Sentence?

  • Then he put the sealing-wax on it and asked father to seal it with his own seal.
  • To seal the museum preparation first warm the glass plate which forms the cover.
  • Spread this drop so as to seal up the joint nice and smooth and even, and the thing is done.
  • You may hand the money to the woman who brings this letter; but be sure to seal it.
  • The settled policy of the reformers in the States is to seal up the sources of drunkenness.
  • He held out his hand, and Drew grasped it for a quick shake to seal their agreement.
  • He professed his joy at being still able to seal with his blood the truths he had so often proclaimed.
  • To accomplish this he planned to seal up all the entrances into the town by land so that food could not be smuggled in.
  • For all his gravity, she thought he was jesting until she reached her hand through the window to seal the compact.
  • A large stick properly applied has been known to seal the fate of a dozen in the space of half an hour.
  • They squeezed the fragrant wax from the winter buds and used it to seal up the seams in their birch-bark canoes.
  • She shut her lips and tried to seal her mind, lest the child should be prompted and the test should fail.
  • Owing to the very low coefficient of expansion of silica, it is not possible to seal platinum wires into silica tubes.
  • He was about to seal the bargain in the customary manner when a sudden thought struck him and made him draw back with a little start.
  • But that single muffled cry was all that had been heard, and then probably the brooch had been pinned on the mouth to seal it for ever.
  • He came at last to the rocky floor where molten stone in ages past had hardened to seal the throat of this vent.
  • I have made up my mind," and she held out her hand, as though to seal her words.
  • He touched her fingers for a moment with his, as if to seal their compact; then he turned once more to the lady upon his left.
  • When he attempted to seal the compact with an embrace, she disengaged herself with a twittering little scream from his unaccustomed arms and fled.
  • What motive could there be to seal his lips, save because he was endeavouring to see a solution of the mystery of the missing plans!
  • The old lady watched her with this coldness while she proceeded to seal the letter, then suddenly bade her open it again and bring her a pen.
  • And yet he faltered in his purpose and hung back, and told himself that there was no need for haste when a man is to seal a lifelong doom.
  • Satan was very busy, and multitudes were called upon to seal their testimony to Christ with their blood.
  • In later times, when the preparation of the mummy was better understood, they were not so careful to seal up the sarcophagus from the outer air.
  • At length the camels were loaded with as much as they could carry, and nothing remained but to seal up the treasure, and go our ways.
  • After tracing a few hasty lines, she folded the paper, placed it carefully in an envelope, and proceeded to seal it.
  • The worst of modern poets, the most affected and the most meticulous, are all anxious to seal themselves of the tribe of Dante.
  • But I should indeed be a silly-bearded one to do this thing, since thou mightst be tempted to seal me up once more!
  • He seemed to remonstrate in dumb show; but she, with an attitude of silence, signified her wish to seal the conversation, and he drooped again.
  • The rent was high, but Stephen agreed to it, and promised to go again the following day to seal his bargain.
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