To Settle In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Settle | To Settle Sentence

  • It was up to me to settle.
  • I know how to settle him.
  • It is to settle a bet.
  • It is for you two to settle it.
  • This is no time to settle what they are.
  • Country good to settle in?
  • He has come to settle down here.
  • I had a score to settle with you.
  • An account to settle.
  • Now to settle with the rogues.
  • Perhaps not enough to settle at all.
  • Vienna is the place to settle down.
  • And mean to settle here.
  • There will be things to settle.
  • He married to settle down.
  • Eustace was too restless to settle down.
  • It is time now for you to settle down.
  • That seemed to settle it.
  • Often it seemed to settle.
  • She had much to settle during this week.
  • That is a matter for the fates to settle.
  • So they began to settle details.
  • That ought to settle the matter.
  • The raft was beginning to settle.
  • They ought to settle it by arbitration.
  • You were intending to settle nothing!
  • He and the rats will have to settle it together.
  • I want to settle my account.
  • I sat down and waited for it to settle.
  • By and by will be time to settle down to work.
  • But to settle down would be impossible now.
  • Slowly the dust began to settle again.
  • The cloud began to settle again.
  • He will have to settle the matter with history.
  • That seemed to settle the point.

How To Use To Settle In A Sentence?

  • Few went further south to settle.
  • They wanted to settle down in quietness.
  • That seemed to settle the question.
  • Heavy darkness began to settle about him.
  • It seems easy to settle now.
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