To Shut In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Shut | To Shut Sentence

  • He tried to shut out the bells.
  • You always want to shut me in!
  • Then quickly he seemed to shut himself in.
  • How can you have the courage to shut out love?
  • She prepared to shut the door.
  • But it is time to shut the book.
  • We cannot manage to shut it quite.
  • Ralph had closed it to shut out the draught.
  • I tried to shut my eyes to it.
  • Tell them to shut up and stop all that nonsense!
  • And the downstairs windows still to shut up!
  • Somehow this room seemed to shut out the sky.
  • There are plenty of ways to shut her mouth.
  • He would like to shut up all the churches.
  • She put up her hand as if to shut out a picture.
  • Then he turned away to shut out the sight.
  • But it is vain to shut our eyes to facts.
  • Malone told himself morosely to shut up and think.
  • And she tried to shut the door in his face.
  • She noticed then that she had forgotten to shut her window.
  • Not that one wants to shut out controversy.
  • I did not wait to shut the desk drawer.
  • It had been hard to shut her eyes to that vision.
  • He got mad and tells me to shut up.
  • They put their hands over their eyes to shut out the sight.
  • She was about to shut the door, but he ran before her.
  • I told him to shut up and tell how the thing had happened.
  • She told him to shut up, that he was a fool.
  • On baking day she determined to shut them up in a cupboard.
  • He tried to shut it out, but he could not.
  • I just did have sense enough left to shut the door.
  • I can get to a place where there is nothing to shut one in.
  • Just as he said that something seemed to shut us in.
  • To shut our eyes to problems is an ostrich policy.
  • Marker came up to shut bolts and put out the lights.

How To Use To Shut In A Sentence?

  • If he could but close his eyes to shut out these horrors!
  • He put his hand to his face to shut out the sight.
  • Richelieu set to work to shut the town in and seal it up.
  • To sink the imperial policy is to shut this vision.
  • I told the voice to shut up and got her a cup of water.
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