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How To Use To Smooth In A Sentence?

  • I endeavoured to smooth the ruffled feelings of my misused and indignant friend.
  • He employed gigantic beavers to smooth it down and prepare it for the abode of men.
  • Chesterfield said manners should adorn knowledge in order to smooth its way through the world.
  • Of course, this difference of tastes sometimes helps to smooth out difficulties.
  • To-day the pipe maker possesses a file with which to smooth and clean the crude pipe.
  • The girl began to smooth her white skirts with excessive precision across her knees.
  • What can we do to smooth matters over, and regain something like our old standing in society?
  • He must know how to deal with his pupils, how to smooth over the rough places of temperament.
  • These he put into his pocket and began, on all fours, to smooth sand industriously.
  • The seed is sown broadcast, and a rude wooden harrow is used to smooth the surface.
  • No good woman has ever crossed my path to lighten its shadows, to smooth its roughness.
  • The fact was so patent, that a second solar apocalypse was written in order to smooth it away.
  • Before planes were invented a broad, flat sharpened blade was used to smooth off surfaces.
  • And here is promise of a blessed languor To smooth at last the seas of time again.
  • We of the guard, however, protested, but paid five francs each to smooth the matter over.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Smooth | To Smooth Sentence

  • He has tried once or twice to smooth her down.
  • Why be anxious to smooth the way?
  • I have been attempting to smooth your way.
  • Wandel was trying to smooth out his doubts.
  • She went up to her room to smooth her hair before dinner.
  • He turned back to the grave and began to smooth the sides.
  • Once he stopped to smooth down his long, rough coat.
  • Poor John tried to smooth matters over.
  • But Priscilla hastened to smooth this away.
  • It was Helen who hastened to smooth things.
  • To smooth me down.
  • But his desire to smooth everything over comfortably came to his relief.
  • He had been used to smooth roads and he could not take these jumps.
  • He said that they were accustomed to smooth off the end of a tree for a mould.
  • They let him up, and he tried to smooth his hair and straighten his tie.
  • If we think of it as a political bother and ask you to smooth it away ...
  • The next moment she stood up, and began to smooth out her tattered frock.
  • Anemones, of the more common kinds, are found clinging to smooth stones.
  • They say he's going to smooth out the French.
  • Lynda strove to smooth the way, not so much for Truedale as for herself.
  • The stranger nodded and began to smooth down, hand over hand, his tousled hair.
  • You have seen that I have been trying to smooth matters here to-day.
  • She took her hand away from Drew and began to smooth her skirt once more.
  • Sinclair, however, had spirit enough to smooth quite away every embarrassment.
  • Rhoda rose and stooped over DeWitt to smooth the hair back from his forehead.
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