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  • In vain she tried to stem it.
  • Gills attached to stem and decurrent.
  • But he thought not to stem the stream.
  • He could not hope to stem it for long.
  • It was impossible to stem the living current.
  • It takes pluck to stem an unfavorable current.
  • Nothing could be done to stem the savage tide.
  • It would have been as easy to stem a racing torrent.
  • And if we tried to stem the wave, we could not.
  • Wickersham tried to stem the current, but in vain.
  • To oppose him was like trying to stem the incoming tide.
  • Miss Mortimer attempted gently to stem the torrent.
  • In vain Cortez attempted to stem the stream.
  • Selwyn tried ineffectually to stem the torrent of complaint.
  • But it was impossible for him to stem the current of the popular fury.
  • Their officers vainly tried to stem the flying tide of them.
  • Her smallness made her unable to stem the torrent of his excited caresses.
  • To attempt to stem currents like these would of course be madness.
  • Lassiter said that he was not dead, and set to work to stem the blood.
  • To attempt to stem this tide of popular enthusiasm would inevitably be fatal.
  • He would have grafted stem to stem, son on father, youth on age.
  • No power in Israel seemed to be able to stem the tide of events.
  • You stake your all upon a desperate cast To stem the gathering tide.
  • By clinging rattans, climbing everywhere From stem to stem.
  • The Senate tried for a time to stem the tide, but was forced to give it up.
  • And, all devout, he never sought To stem the sacred torrent.
  • In vain did Jerry and Billy try to stem the tide and rally the men.

How To Use To Stem In A Sentence?

  • Attempts were made by some of the early bishops to stem this tide of innovation.
  • The regulars and a few formed bodies in reserve did their best to stem the stream.
  • The newspapers say that it is not possible to stem the war-like passion of the soldiers.
  • His reply told her how tired he had become in trying to stem the tide of doubt alone.
  • Barres attempted to stem the flow of volubility, but it instantly became a torrent.
  • She has a long low hull with a rising sheer to stem and stern, which are both pointed.
  • Are we going to be able to stem the tide, or to help stem it with a lot of raw youths.
  • The man who turns against this stream, and seeks to stem it, is looked upon as a madman or a fool.
  • Judges were beginning to introduce the "cat" for criminals, as a means to stem the crime wave.
  • Alone I should be absolutely powerless to stem the torrents that would sweep me to certain ruin.
  • By this time the famous Caucasian corps had been hurried up to stem the German torrent.
  • To stem this tumult of the populace, They will by force detain thee: then, alas!
  • Her efforts to stem the progress of all other schools of mental healing have been secondary only to her efforts to advance her own.
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