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How To Use To Stress In A Sentence?

  • I would not seem to stress either the saliency or the significance of these incidents.
  • There has been a notable tendency in human history to stress the intellectual element in religion.
  • In the last two years of his life, Sun had come to stress again his principle of nationalism.
  • There is no need to stress the significance of the issues addressed by these declarations and conventions.
  • To stress here, in the beginning, a fact as its very great importance demands, nearly all the negroes who get high station are part white.
  • He was so open in countenance that anything momentarily veiled on his part, either in speech or in address, could reasonably be attributed to stress of circumstances.
  • It had to face no serious problems of administration, and the collection of taxes was the last thing that a brand-new revolutionary government would dare to stress in China.
  • As regards your teaching work: the Guardian has already advised you to stress in your talks the idea of a world superstate, and the concept of the Oneness of Mankind underlying it.
  • The multiplicity of subjects was confusing; but, although Bailly seldom told him so, George progressed rapidly, and Bailly knew just where to stress for the examinations.
  • As evidence of this characteristic may be cited the tendency in education to stress the superficial and showy features of the curriculum, leaving in the background the foundations and essentials of the intellectual life.
  • He knew that now he would have to be the one to stress their original mission: Loudons would probably be so fascinated by this society that the sociologist might never remember the primary reason for coming to Pittsburgh.
  • Partly to oppose this low opinion of poetry, the neo-Aristotelians among the critics began to stress the view that fable, design, and structure were the really essential elements in poetry, and that these were the product of reason, or judgment.
  • I do not want to stress the idea too far, but I doubt whether the denizens of the Elysian Fields, after so many centuries, can tolerate one another any more, for they are compelled to live all together in this Paradise, and nothing conceivable will ever get them out.
  • When, from the lack of alliteration, the student is in doubt as to what word to stress, let him first get the exact meaning of the line, and then put the emphasis on the word or words that seem to bear the chief burden of the poet's thought.
  • "Lines twenty-one and twenty-two, and pray note that you are not to stress the caesura in line twenty-two, seeing there is no break in the thought.
  • Murder me, and the law would hang you high as Haman--_if it ever got a chance_." The provisional clause came out with a little pause between each word to stress the meaning.

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  • And yet he did not seem to stress the announcement.
  • I want to stress that the other bars to patentability remain.

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