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  • It is not only yourself it seems to threaten.
  • He began to threaten me.
  • What do you want to threaten me for?
  • Those round him began to threaten.
  • She paused at a loss with what to threaten her guest.
  • These fellows are beginning to threaten me with guns!
  • He had come either to threaten or to cajole.
  • He lifted his cane as if to threaten the old man.
  • But you will grow wise; what need of me to threaten?
  • Shore, to offer, to threaten.
  • To speak truth, things seem to threaten me.
  • I have to threaten them that I will not pay.
  • She tried to protest, to cajole, to threaten.
  • Look at me and say am I one to threaten?
  • Affairs in Europe seem to threaten war.
  • Recent appearances in Europe would seem to threaten war.
  • Dost thou presume to threaten thy lawful Prince?
  • Finally he began to threaten him with physical force if he did not.
  • She glanced about, as if for a missile to threaten him with.
  • They used to threaten him, in fun, and he came to his senses again.
  • Once aroused, the dancers soon began to threaten and attack their prisoner.
  • Our duty is to threaten and strive to correct him who offends God.
  • I only like to threaten things because I'm cross.
  • When changes began to threaten Oxford, there was no one to say a word for them.
  • So far as I have yet seen, they do not appear to threaten serious consequences.

How To Use To Threaten In A Sentence?

  • That is a barbarous ceremony of those countries by which to threaten one with decapitation.
  • They were listening and watching to interpret the peril which seemed to threaten them.
  • And together they received a vision of the death by starvation that seemed to threaten them.
  • And when she heard what had happened, she too began to threaten them with witchcraft.
  • For some days the prediction of the sergeant seemed to threaten its accomplishment at every hour.
  • Probably he had only meant to threaten, in hopes of causing us to arrest our flight.
  • He struck the table with his long cane as if to threaten the company, as he spoke.
  • In some instances, this meant overcrowding so serious as to threaten morals and health.
  • There might come a time when some power arose strong enough to threaten to take you from me.
  • He was rather badly gashed about the head, but not enough to threaten serious consequences.
  • He wanted to threaten our commerce and to be able to break any blockade of Germany.
  • Besides, the Germans chose this very moment to threaten us with enforced service.
  • She begged for time, and, getting it, proceeded to threaten every one with prosecution.
  • George stepped swiftly forward, fancying Dalrymple was going to threaten her with his hands.
  • It is as if Jupiter Tonans were to threaten a thunderbolt and compromise with a sneeze.
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