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  • I was mad ever to tolerate him.
  • He refused to tolerate the question.
  • He had refused to tolerate it all week.
  • It is better to kill a woman than to tolerate her.
  • The public conscience of the world seemed to tolerate it!
  • But, on the whole, we are not altogether here to tolerate!
  • It was necessary to be accustomed to him in order to tolerate him.
  • Tolerance has to tolerate the unessential; and to see well what that is.
  • Would you show so little self-respect as to tolerate such indiscretion?
  • To-day women are not inclined to tolerate a husband who is brutal or debauched.
  • The church used to tolerate it; it was a regular religious festival.
  • To be with him, he would have to tolerate the presence of Scraggy for awhile.

How To Use To Tolerate In A Sentence?

  • And her watchful and suspicious family seemed to tolerate if not to welcome him.
  • Such things often struck a college in waves and she was not going to tolerate it.
  • It was a look which he had never been able to tolerate on the features of anybody whatsoever.
  • Tolerate them in the past, and you will come to tolerate them in the present and future.
  • If they would not tolerate them on earth, they will be obliged to tolerate them in heaven.
  • And he needed good humor to tolerate the way his officers and men were behaving.
  • We of the south ought to tolerate the freest discussion of every phase of the race question.
  • God has had to tolerate, for lack of better, such miserable specimens of humanity!
  • But as a general rule, it is wise enough to tolerate such pleasant vagaries of worshipping woman.
  • Marishka had learned to tolerate the German agent, even to the point of friendship.
  • Elma wondered if in the future she would have to tolerate Sam Raynes as her brother-in-law.
  • The committee ought not to tolerate this custom of speaking to matters not immediately before it.
  • A society organized as a political democracy can not be expected to tolerate an industrial aristocracy.
  • I've noticed no special varietal differences in ability to tolerate dryish soil.
  • And when you are married to him, you will find him much easier to tolerate than a man who has any strong characteristic.
  • And for the benefit he brings, communities are more willing than they were at first to tolerate the inconvenience due to his coming.
  • Having tasted the sweets of freedom, they were ill prepared ever again to tolerate injustice and misgovernment.
  • It is exceedingly nutritious, and was readily borne by the stomach when that organ refused to tolerate other aliment.
  • If only he had been born without that dreadful sense of humour, she felt that she might have been able to tolerate him.
  • The recent past is too painful, the immediate future too momentous, to tolerate any personal considerations.
  • He had begun to tolerate his father before many days were over, to cease to be indignant and angry that he was not the ideal father of his dreams.
  • Although hating his religion, his wife went to live with him, tolerating his infidelities while he refused to tolerate her religion.
  • To tell us to tolerate them, not to speak about loving them, is like telling us to attempt the impossible.
  • The marriage was a political one, but she lived with him, tolerating his infidelities, while he refused to tolerate her religion.
  • Like some forms of moral obliquity, it may be merely evidence of a quality in the stock which renders it unable to tolerate a given environment.
  • Olivia sat on the settee very straight and very cold, looking dark and handsome, and altogether too splendid a woman for her aunt to tolerate.
  • I have seen Jane bear and do things lately that a year ago she would have indignantly refused to tolerate.
  • There is only one thing that prompts the family to tolerate him, and that is the reflection that he is going to take Emily away from them.
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