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  • What the enlightened thought is to do is not to extinguish, but to transfer them.
  • It also handles other mails when necessary to transfer them between cars or trains.
  • Time and habit despoil reason of its natural rights in order to transfer it to law.
  • Would it be dishonest to transfer a tale from one night or nights to another or others?
  • We hope to transfer the same conception to the whole dream, which consists of just such elements.
  • Harrison determined to transfer his custom, hoping to be allowed to run up a bill with him.
  • The intriguer was asking me to transfer myself to his roof, to become his prisoner, in effect.
  • They had merely to transfer to Jesus marvels similar to those which had formed their early faith.
  • In Europe there was always a tendency to transfer wall or ceiling-decoration to floor-coverings.
  • Without further words Piet proceeded to transfer Nan's hand from the boy's arm to his own.
  • With great presence of mind I decided to transfer my story to the Palestine Front.
  • No doubt it was good policy in one way to transfer the Constituent Assembly to Weimar.
  • This is done by pricking through the design to transfer their shape onto the paper.
  • It was also possible for some of the bannermen to transfer between the civilian and the military branches of the government.
  • Now his situation collapsed if the celebrated beauty were going to transfer her light to another quarter.
  • All the way along he was picking out features that he meant some day to transfer to his own little farm.
  • To this circumstance must likewise be imputed his anxiety to transfer to some other the possession of the unhappy stranger.
  • We are told that this is an attempt to transfer the burden of a part of our taxation from the shoulders of the rich to those of the poor.
  • I hope you will exercise your influence to transfer him to my place, this will be agreable to all the officers of the 1st.
  • I suggest this as you may have a great deal to do and may prefer to transfer the case to those already familiar with it.
  • They were utterly powerless to transfer their doctrine into any number of human hearts living in accordance therein.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For To Transfer | To Transfer Sentence

  • Will see to transfer at once.
  • There had been very little luggage to transfer.
  • Perhaps it would be better to transfer that to us at once.
  • Its function is not to make, but to transfer.
  • He asks what we would take to transfer our contract.
  • Then, too, he wanted to transfer his funds.
  • They seemed to transfer their anger against me to their own children.
  • But he could not understand how she managed to transfer him to where he was.
  • If pity and affection would but allow him to transfer the child to others!
  • It's not yours to use, to transfer or yet to bequeath.
  • A, in New York, wants to transfer money to B, in London.
  • A tray is much better to transfer all articles except large platters.
  • Surely it will be better to transfer these debts to Holland.
  • Dey said dey was going to transfer him back to Missouri and sell de horses.
  • You purposed to transfer the securities to yourself as James Russell?
  • His master-stroke was to transfer his operations from Flanders to the Danube.
  • So he arranged to transfer the wireless patrol to Staten Island.
  • He has only one remedy--to transfer and change.
  • It's as easy to transfer a pattern from a dead brain as a living one.
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