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  • Found there was no complaint as to treatment received.
  • The growths are amenable to treatment.
  • In most cases it responds rapidly to treatment.
  • The disease yields readily to treatment.
  • Unfortunately most cases are not so quickly amenable to treatment.
  • The growth is persistent and usually irresponsive to treatment.
  • It is exceedingly rebellious to treatment, and relapses are the rule.
  • He sent, however, some quinine and written directions as to treatment.
  • Oh, as to treatment, Christian Ivanovich and I have worked out our own system.
  • Perhaps it was that Silver's milk leg was stubborn in yielding to treatment.
  • But it don't yield to treatment; you know how these things are--stubborn.

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  • This entitles the servant to treatment at the dispensary or in the hospital if she is ill.
  • The disease is curable, but almost invariably obstinate and rebellious to treatment.
  • It should always be guarded, the disease in almost all cases being irresponsive to treatment.
  • Under proper management the eruption, although often obstinate, yields to treatment.
  • It persists several weeks or one or two months; as a rule, it is rapidly responsive to treatment.
  • The soldier patients were kept in this complete isolation until such time as they showed themselves amenable to treatment.
  • Intercourse with him is unpleasant, he gives a great deal of trouble and responds badly to treatment.
  • As to treatment, in one instance the induction of a substitutive dermatic inflammation had a favorable influence.
  • When there is a combination of these two, then tiredness may well seem excessive and yet be readily amenable to treatment.
  • Perhaps they, too, will yield to treatment when they are better understood, and men and women are both on the job.
  • Voices from the parlor indicated that the landlord was trying to reason with two ladies, neither of whom seemed to be amenable to treatment.
  • Upon the general surface it usually responds readily to treatment, excepting favus of the nails, which is always obstinate.
  • Who comes to the School with a sincere wish to learn: to submit his principles to correction and himself to treatment?
  • The disease is usually persistent and often rebellious to treatment; in many instances a permanent cure is possible, in others palliation.
  • These if treated in the early stages with repeated dressings of caustic, or, if very exuberant, the use of the knife, usually yield to treatment.
  • Taken in time, and in the proper way, this delicacy of yours will, I have no hesitation in saying, give way to treatment.
  • If the case did not respond to treatment and took a turn toward violence, confinement under conditions that would now be considered barbarous often resulted.
  • The result was that the seizures were the same day reduced very much in frequency, and in a short time became amenable to treatment, so that finally complete recovery occurred.
  • The two conditions are quite dissimilar, even in appearance, and, while one is readily amenable to treatment, the other is just as obstinately resistant.
  • If the attack is not a very severe one the headache gradually subsides; the temperature falls to 102 or 103, and in the course of three or four days the disease begins to yield to treatment.
  • For habitual use in such cases as prove obstinate to treatment, or where a complete cure was never from the commencement expected, the bar pad is undoubtedly one of the most useful inventions to our hand.
  • Then, after having given them his cross to kiss, if they were Catholics, he dismissed them with some plain directions as to treatment and an earnest admonition to remain steadfast in faith.
  • One should bear in mind that the two generations of negroes living in the South are affected differently by the measures of control of the whites, and in many cases respond differently to treatment received.
  • In order to ascertain the cause of the sores the medical officer removed her to the cantonment (Government) hospital, where after a period they yielded to treatment and were eventually cured.
  • He stood now, like a big bear on a mountain track, swaying his head from side to side six feet away from King, watching the boils succumb to treatment.
  • The coagulum, when removed from the serum, is subjected to comparatively slight pressure, and the "slab" thus made is either placed to air-dry at once, or may be subject to treatment in other liquids before drying.
  • As Gobley and, slightly later, Oscar Liebreich (1839-1908), subjected lecithin to treatment with boiling water and acid, they separated it into three parts.
  • His friends at first hoped that the disease was cataract, and that some relief might be afforded by means of an operation; but it was discovered to be an opacity of the cornea, which at his age was considered unamenable to treatment.
  • It runs a chronic course, is somewhat rebellious to treatment, and displays a tendency to relapse.
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